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Who Are We?

Fisantekraal Centre for Development (FCD) is a faith-based non-profit organisation that restores dignity and builds self-esteem in unemployed people through holistic skills development. 


Since 2010 FCD has been known to train and develop the unemployed, enabling them to become economically active. A holistic approach is adopted, integrating life skills, business skills and spiritual development into all programmes.

This allows for beneficiaries to develop the necessary values and attitudes required for the workplace and for life in general. Our programmes are entirely inclusive and open to anyone who is unemployed, irrespective of race, gender or religion.


Our VISION is to eradicate unemployment in the Cape Metropolitan Area, particularly in vulnerable communities. 



For every unemployed person in South Africa, who finds a job, there is on average 7 other people relying on that income. Through our services, we witness lives being changed from once being in an unemployed state to an economically viable lifestyle. People’s selfesteem and the restoration of their dignity are dramatically affected when they are able to provide for their families. 


FCD is certified by an accredited BBBEE agency as having a 91% black beneficiary base and hence 100% SED recognition • 74% of our beneficiaries are between the ages of 18 and 35 • 82% of our beneficiaries are black females • Our funded Skills Programmes and services are aimed at vulnerable communities to assist those who are unemployed and who have limited or no access to skills development opportunities. • We provide our students with exposure to the workplace through “job shadowing” as part of all our programmes and through partnership with local businesses. • We also assist in the job seeking process of our beneficiaries through industry partnerships. We send CV’s of our graduates to potential employers at no cost to the employer.


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Our Training Programmes

People earning more than R5000pm will not qualify for a full FCD sponsorship and will be required to pay a percentage of the actual cost of the programme. You will receive a quotation based on family income.

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