Our Training Programmes

Job Readiness

Life skills, Basic Computer skills,
Customer Service & Point of Sale, CV preparation,
interview skills and online job searching

Office Basics

PC skills, Office Practice, Call Centre skills

Frail Care

Caring for residents in an instution or
at home, dealing with changes that occur with ageing
and infirmity

Hospitality & Home Basics

Basic food preparation (kitchen basics),
Waitering, Cleaning, Laundry and Life skills

Business Skills

Skills to start or grow a small business,
including business planning, costing, pricing, finances

Bake for Profit

Business and baking skills to earn an
income from home, including costing baked products,
budgeting and marketing

English with Confidence

We offer 2 levels of English – for beginners
needing help with reading and writing English; and those
wanting to improve their grammar and conversational skills

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