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What I love about FCD…

Farewell presentations. The graduating learners gather to celebrate the end of training

The end of May usually coincides with the beginning of the chilly and wet Western Cape winter. This year, not even our cold weather could keep these eager young people from taking full advantage of the learning opportunities offered through our Job Readiness Course.

On completion of the three week training programme, learners shared how their time at our centre had impacted their lives:

Customer Rap 2
Nelson, Elaine, Zena & Zodwa sing about the importance of providing good customer service

Nelson Ngaphi: I will recommend FCD to others because you gain skills by attending and opportunities of working after the course. They don’t just abandon you – that is what I love most about FCD. An important lesson I learnt about conflict is that you never solve a problem by fighting back. It is better to consider what went wrong and try to resolve it in a calm manner. This doesn’t mean you coward but shows that you are mature enough to solve your own issues. I also realized that trying to dominate is a form of abuse.

Chineal Farao: FCD is a good place to be. You discover yourself here and your abilities that you have. The discipleship training greatly improved my relationship with God. It made me realize once again that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do wrong, God will always love you unconditionally.  I really discovered myself during the Life Skills sessions. They helped me to find it in my heart to forgive my dad for what he did to me and my mother.   I also learnt how to react and communicate with the different types of people and how to deal with conflict.

Chineal, Joslyn, Lolwethu and Bantu working together to solve their team challenge

Bantu Meyi: I found the training at FCD as it helped me to develop my self-image and gain new knowledge about the working environment. I would like to see FCD operating from bigger training rooms so that other people can hear the wise and important information I have gained. The discipleship sessions made me understand how God loves me and I really know now that I am the image of God –  no matter what people say to me – I am His child and I know that God has good plans for my life, the plans to prosper me not to harm me.  The life skills helped me understand how my self-esteem influences my attitudes and behavior and that by having a positive attitude now i know it attracts positive things. Discussing Human Rights also showed me the importance of standing up for my rights and not violating the rights of others.

Annastasia Adams: FCD is very helpful and you learn about lots of things that you have to know about jobs and you learn about computers. I was reminded that. I learned that I have a low self-esteem because I was shy but now I’m not shy anymore and I have a positive self-esteem. I also learned the importance of forgiveness and of treating people in your community with respect.

Thandokazi  Jongolo: I learned not to hold grudges, to respect one another, the importance of working as a team and communicating with people. I’ve also started attending church services for the first time. I know that I can have a better future and that I must not give up. I have options.

Maths with Rhoda2
Rhoda Van Schalkwyk, specialist in Adult Basic Education, spends time with the learners demystifying mathematics.

Marno Pienaar: FCD really benefited  me a lot , with thing I can use in my everyday life. I would get Rhoda to do more of the maths. She really helped us to understand some basic principles that we had never understood before.  I found it useful to reconsider my values and to take time and pray. During Life Skills I actually got to talk about myself  freely without feeling as though I am trying to sound better than others . The sessions also helped me to specifically plan my goals in an understanding and easy way.     Help me to actually write them down. And not just kept them in my mind. An important lesson I learned about conflict resolution is that it is okay to “agree to disagree”.

Learners discuss what they would say to God if they had to meet Him face to face

Siphokazi Ndala: Being at FCD helped me a lot. Taking the course made me feel ready for the job, because at first there were lot of things I did not know, that will help me in at work environment. During the three weeks at FCD, attending Discipleship changed my life a lot in way that I have not been attending church for some months now, but since I came here I started going on church every Sunday. Before I came here I had a problem of being afraid to talk in-front of people, I had a low self-esteem, but working through “Who am I and Life stories”  has change me, because when we are in the class we open up to each other, find out what is the cause of the problem, so talking about those things as a class, and to see that I am not the only one with the problem has made me feel  a lot better in way now I can talk in-front people with confidence now.              The training will also help me at work because when we are in a work place environment we build relationships with the people we work with, and it is important that we learn how to communicate well with others to avoid conflict, and again it is important that we know ways of solving conflict because when we work with people the will always be conflict. I also know now where to go to if I have a problem at my work.  I know how I am supposed to be paid what the conditions of employment should be. Before coming to FCD I thought it was up to my boss if he pays me over time or not. I was also grateful for the teaching on finances and learned that is important to have a savings account, to have a budget, and it is better to save money for something you want rather than buying it on account.

discipleship 2
Wednesday praise and worship with Pastor Mark Parris

Monique  Mentoor: When I started the training, honestly my life was messy to put it like that. The discipleship sessions gave me new hope. I am now in a good space with God and my relationship is still growing. I am so thankful and have returned to church. During the training I discovered that i am someone that can do whatever I set my mind to. I also understand that I am the only me and God made me unique. The Life Skills sessions were very interesting. I learned that everywhere you go  you will meet people and that you will find conflict and that without  communication you will be lost.                It impacted my life to the point that if you see something let say in your community that is bad that I as a member of my community should do something about it or try to do something.

Lolwethu Somfele: I gained a lot of skills in FCD so I would like that for other people to improve their skills also. I came to FCD to improve my computer skills and become job ready but we also shared some scriptures and were visited by Pastors. So my relationship with God is on another level now. The life skills helped me to become strong enough to stand in front of other people because I know who I am. I know my rights and responsibilities.  I know how to deal with personal problems in life.

Maths board
Joslyn shows the class how to resolve a math problem

Joslyn Gysman:  It’s an affordable course and not only basic computer training. They give more what you expect. I would say there isn’t much that can be changed because everything was put in place perfectly. Discipleship made me realize what my relationship is with GOD and how important it is to know the word of our GOD. I am part of a church and also in the worship team of our church, but made me more focus to what is important.  Life is not only about me but those around me and what is happening in my family that can have either a positive or negative influence in my life.          I’m more positive now and also have the basic of computer skills to give me the confidence that nothing can and will hold me back from going forward.

Elaine Serfontein: FCD is affordable and offers very good training to know your basics. It has a beautiful atmosphere with extremely good lecturers. Discipleship was very good. It really brought us closer to each other. There was a really good understanding, respect, caring and loving around us. Life Skills showed me that no matter what happened in the past you can still go on for it. My thinking for the future is more open than it was a few years back.

Meagan Meyer:  It’s very inspiring and will help you a lot with your future. Regardless of the circumstances of my birth or who my parents are, God, had a plan in  creating me, which means I should never think any less of myself and be positive because He loves me for me no matter much I have sin. I would like to start attending church. I did not like the sessions on Who am I and Life Stories because I’m not someone who likes to speak about myself, family or childhood, so It didn’t make an impact on my life, but other Life Skills sessions helped me to change my attitude towards my circumstances and to accept the fact that I’m unique and shouldn’t give up on my dreams.  It was also good to be reminded of the importance of being kind and considerate, to give without expecting anything, not to try to dominate others, to be forgiving and not to hold grudges, to respect each other by treating others fairly