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Want Ons Kan 2015

2015 Want Ons KanWe are very excited to be a beneficiary of the Want ons Kan / Cause we Can 2015 Concert! We could be raising a total of R52 500 if we are able to sell a total of 210 allocated tickets!

This concert is very generous as every cent of every ticket sold goes to the beneficiaries – the concert costs are 100% funded by the artists , sponsors and organisers.

The funds will be used to roll out a Frail care course in the 3rd Quarter of this year.

There will be an exciting selection of artists at the concert, such as David Kramer, Mark Lottering, Arno Carstens, Zanne Stapelberg and many more – see brochure attached. So round up your friends and family on the 26th of July at 18h00 for an evening of quality entertainment and by doing that you are helping us to equip the unemployed!