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Volunteer registration form

Please note that we are based in Durbanville in the Western Cape. Individuals who serve as volunteers do not receive reimbursement for their time or services.

  • Please indicate your willingness to offer your time, skills and talents to us free of charge.
  • Our training centre is based in Durbanville in the Western Cape. Please consider the practicality of offering your services in this area.
  • YYYY slash MM slash DD
  • Please complete the remaining questions if you wish to volunteer as a trainer, mentor or counselor

    Note that training currently only takes place during office hours from Monday to Fridays.
  • What interests, skills and experience could you bring to our organisation? Please give us examples from your home or work life and tell us why you want to volunteer.
  • Please give us two references. Both should know you well and for a minimum period of one year. No family members will be accepted. One reference should be from your church leader or mentor.
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  • We welcome applications from volunteers with disabilities. Do you have any special requirements or health issues that you would like to tell us about or that may have an impact on any activity you may do?