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Up-skilled and loving it

The job readiness course covers life skills, customer service, basic computer skills and retail point of sale training.

The life skills and customer service modules are designed to develop the values and attitudes required in the workplace, such as work ethics, communication, conflict resolution. CV preparation and interview skills are also covered in detail and applied during the Basic Computer training classes.

This is what some of the students from the most recent course (pictured above) had to say after completing the Job Readiness course:

Sizeka Ndzakana from Delft: I now know how to prepare a professional looking CV now and how to handle a job interview well. I also discovered, through the Active Citizenship module, how I can contribute towards positive change in my community.

Zandile Mngese from Fisantekraal: The course helped me to communicate with others. I did not know how to speak politely to people, but I’ve learned to have faith in myself and am more comfortable with others.

Meagan Pietersen from Morningstar: It improved my job searching skills on the internet. Before, I would have had to search the internet all day to find the right information. I am confident that I’ll find a job with the basic computer skills that I mastered on the course.

Nellie Mentoor from Kraaifontein: I’ve grown spiritually and have become much more positive about life and my future. To achieve my dream job, I’m now doing the Office Admin course as I know that I’m going to need advanced computer skills. An added bonus is all the English training. I’m excited that my English language skills are improving.