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Sew for Profit

Enterprise Development

Our newest 2021 addition to the FCD course family, Sew for Profit. A 10 week programme aimed at beginners who want to learn how to sew and sell their products.

This course is designed to equip an individual with the skills needed to start a sewing business and earn an income from home.

This is a 10 week course that consists of two and a half days of training per week (1½ days of theory and 1 day of practical training per week).

Learners are expected to commence sewing business activities, producing weekly evidence of sales and expenses.



Life skills

  2. Alpha 
  1. Business skills 
  1. Sewing skills : Eazy Stitch levels 1 to 4
  • Level 1 : Usage and storage of a sewing machine and preparation of materials
  • Level 2 : Sewing neatly; frills and ruffles; bias-binding; covered cord; making darts; grading
  • Level 3 : zippers, button holes, interface, appliqué  and double layers
  • Level 4 : Taking body measurements correctly; reading patterns; pinning, cutting and adjusting patterns

Student Entrance Requirements: A desire to start a sewing business and willingness to sell hand-made products during the course · Able and willing to learn in English · Min Grade 9 (Preferred) · Access to a sewing machine (preferred)


Cost to student: R300

Cost to FCD to train one student: R8000