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Training lead to Placements – Help us Place more students

In the past financial year 273 unemployed people completed training at FCD and 65% of these students became economically active after completing their courses. They are either employed or self-employed.
This is a growth of 29% on enrolments, 28% on students completing training and 45% growth on employ-ability over the previous year. Says Jane, “We are hoping to grow this even further. We are hoping to train 340 students in this financial year and maintain (and improve) our economic activity rate between 65-70%.”


Taking into account the growing unemployment rate, it is encouraging that our ongoing efforts to partner with local businesses for employment opportunities, is paying off. The continuous evaluation of course content, facilitation approach and course offerings, also contribute greatly to the increased rate of economic activity over the last 12-18 months. In this current financial year we are planning to train 340 students and maintain (where possible raise) the economic activity rate between 65%-70%. We want to encourage businesses looking for staff (relevant to our skills offering) to partner with us in order to contribute to the sustainable and long term impact we strive to make.