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The spirit of Ubuntu alive and well at FCD



Our April 2015 Job Readiness class overwhelmed us with their positive feedback about their time at FCD. DSC01444

A most unusual group of people, this group impressed with the incredible unity and friendship that existed in (and outside of) the classroom. 3 older students, Elizabeth, Magdalene and Katy, literally took the younger ones under their wing and mothered them throughout the course; while the younger ones went out of their way to assist those who had never touched a computer before, to cope with the “fast-paced” learning; and the he highly maths literate came alongside  the mathematically challenged to coach and encourage.

A truly blessed and encouraging experience for all. A majority of the students mentioned that although they were not enthusiastic about the discipleship training at first, that they have grown spiritually and that these sessions have resulted in strengthened relationships with God and with others. Many have returned to attending church regularly, while some have started going for the first time.

This is what some of the learners had to say about their time at FCD:

DSC01465 Nicolene Niemand: I have become much more comfortable in my body and within my skin.I feel confident  and much more relaxed when I talk to people. Negative criticism does not get to me as easily as it did before.

Pabatso Lehlehla: I came here with many problem in my life. I  meet different Pastors, who are prayed for me, now  my problem is solved by the name of God. I know if I want to cry, I must cry with GOD.


Sisanda Shuqulai: I have more knowledge on how to treat people with HIV. I know that when you are HIV doesnt mean you gonna die.

Nelisa Mduna: Sharing my life story, helped me to see that I’m not a failure in life. I considered the life stories shared by others and started thinking more positively about myself. I did not have faith in GOD but now I know what GOD created for me. I know that GOD is the living father who died for us in his purpose.

Wanda Makrwede: I use to think low of myself but the sessions changed the way I think about myself and the way I think of how my life will be. So now I am positive and confident about life and know that I will get where I want to go and that is becoming a receptionist. I’m doing the Office Admin course next to help me to achieve this goal.



Phamela Damane: Now I know that its important to listen to other people and by working with other people you can learn more rather than working alone. I also know how to show respect to other people. I’ve learnt to deal with people who are standing in my way to success. I have done introspection so I really know who I am and what I want in life. I can speak out about the bad things that happen to my life and am looking forward to studying further in psychology.

DSC01482Nomfesane Mrwebi: The Life Skills  showed  me that when I have a problem I must talk so that I can feel free and to get the help I need. I learned how to communicate with other people,  to respect myself and other people,  as well as to do what is good for me.