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Testimonies before 2017

Unathi Cement

unathiAs an South African citizenship I should care for my Country and be active by Volonteer and keep my Counrty clean.Now I have learn that to love those who are infected and care for them because they need our support, I should be careful how I do thing and when I am in a crowded area so that I may not catch TB.To manage my money  by being a planner not the spender and to make budget and to save money for future purposes

Janelle Meintjies

janelleExpectations is a form of hoping.I learnt alot about this course.I never had the courage to face my stuttering.I was very shy and scared of my stuttering and thanks to FcD I learnt bravery.FcD taught me to be true to myself and that’s the only way to stand out.
Thanks to FCD I can go after my dreams without any fear. What I would change about the course? Nothing actually because the course help me grow and it gave me the power to change my life.I longed to be fearless and thanks to you guys I am free from my fear of shyness(because of my stuttering).Sickness played a big role in our country.Some people die because of the illness and some survive it because they believe in life.It gave me hope to realise that people out there needs our love and compassion.

Simone Brandt

20160829_131519_hdr I would recommend FCD to others especially if they are unemployed and they have lost confidence in themselves, feeling like they are trying their best and it seems to get them nowhere, almost like they are caught in some corner struggling to find a way out. The fact that FCD is based on improving your skills and knowledge in certain training they provide you with and the fact that Christianity is also involved, I think that is something very good. Not many of us take our Bible seriously, but without the word of God we cannot survive on this earth. We need to include God in everything we do and never forget to praise and thank him, because if we believe in him and live according his word wonderful things start taking place. Doing Alpha influenced my life in a good way. I believe that prayer is powerful and a prayer can make a huge difference in someone’s life. I also learned that if you ask God for something don’t just ask and not act on it. If you pray for a change in your life you have to be willing to change a few things in your life so that you would be prepare to where God is leading you to. It helped me see myself and my way of living in a different perspective. I know what I am capable of and I know that I am on earth for a purpose and not by mistake, because God does not make mistakes. There are too many young people that are unemployed and some of them only contribute to the violence and drug relating situations taking place in our community. If nobody speaks out then nothing will change within that community. We all have rights so we should be aware of that. We can help playing the role of an active citizenship in our community.

Janine Daniels

Being at FCD had a big impdsc02855act on my life and now I look at life differently knowing that I should do things my way and that I do have a voice and it can be heard to help others with what they are dealing with in life. I’ve come to understand that we should interact more in our community and help where we can to when there is a need.



El-Davia Viviers

20160825_135026I learned some interesting positive stuff about myself that I did not know and now I can actually say that I know myself. Doing the Life Skills had a huge impact because I realized that communication is important. I usually notice everything but don’t say much but that changed. About the Active Citizenship session, well to be honest, I know we all have rights but I just never really took note of the importance to vote so next time I will definitely vote.


Jessica Langenhoven

Jessica It made me see that I’m not too old to reach for my dreams in life. That I must just be positive and believe more in myself as person. Doing discipleship helped me see that God is always there for us and how He loves me no matter my mistakes in life. It made me see God as loving Father who will always love us. I also came to realize how important communication really is in our daily life. I will deal better now with conflict in my life. I know now I have a responsibility in my community. That I can do more to make my place safe and where to go for help. That it is my Human Right to vote and that I should be happy because people died so I can be free to make use of certain rights to us. “‘Teamwork will get the job better and faster done.
I believe the saying:”Two heads are better than one”
In the century we live in today it’s better to work together and get the job done then to try and be a one man player. It is better to have a “Ubuntu”feeling in the workplace where everyone feel happy and part the team.”
I understand it better now can even explain it to my kids as well.

Andiswa Lithoma

 The Andiswapeople at FCD are very good and understanding of our different problems. The life skills encouraged us to treat others the same way understanding our cultures and not discriminating against each other.
Discussing our life stories was touching and relieved our pain and helped me to find a way to move passed something that hurt you long ago. Sharing with others made me feel better. I learn that we all face lots of problems and it is not only you who have problems. Very often others have many more problems
than you think.

Sesethu Danga

dsc03336It influenced me a lot, because I learnt what it means to be a follower of Christ. I actually realized that we all have problems and I am not alone. I will now know how to handle and treasure my relationships; I will communicate effectively and deal better with conflict.



Elaine Adow

ElaineI will recommend FCD to my friends because at FCD the people are very helpful and they help you if you do not understand. I can now find work in to a shop as a cashier because I did learn how to work on a till.





Elzan Manuel


It has just opened my eyes and realize that as humans and citizen of this country, we can make a huge difference by actually doing something. I feel motivated to always give a little more than what is expected because it’s for one’s own good. To listen with your ears and not your mouth, basically watch what has been said.



Glenvour Fredericks

 I can now go and help others on their computers and show them how to use it. I can look the world in the eye and say I’ve got GOD on my side. I can go and speak with confidence in front of people.




Liesl Brits

 I thinlieslk this program has a lot to offer for young people that don’t have a goal in life. For me as a adult it has given me a new view on life. It has built my self esteem. I look forward to the years coming because I took that first step to improve my life, with the help of FCD. Thank you. These days it is hard to get a job without matric or even with matric. So with the help of FCD you can get the basic computer training and improve your life skills. Things you thought you might know FCD will help you to understand better


Candice Jack

 I20160817_091228 learned a lot at FCD that I didn’t know and I also learned about myself and that anything is possible if you just try harder and don’t give up on your dreams. It really helped me because I had a very low self esteem at first. I always thought that what people think about me was important but, now I know that what GOD thinks about me is far more important and even though I sin everyday His love for me still remains the same. I know myself better now and I’m putting myself first now. I’m looking forward to a better and greater me.


Chanel Vyvers

dsc03917 I would recommend FCD to others so that they could also learn more and try to achieve some of their dreams; everything is possible if you just put in the effort. Because as much as I want to succeed in life I want other people to also succeed. FCD helps you to learn more and they also help you to think positive and leave the negative behind. The spiritual developments helped me a lot because I wasn’t in a good space and like I was a bit down and out because of a challenge God put on my road, but the spiritual developments helped me to stay positive and to let God in on everything I do. It really helped me to rethink of who I am and what I want in life. It changed my whole mindset and I’m so thankful for the Who I am and the Life story.I shared my life story and I could have talked about my feelings in front of my fellow students.


Christopher Adonis


Here you feel you are surrounded by family and they want the best for you. If you want to become the person you want to be this is the right place for you. They also help you find better jobs and recommend what job you should take.




Nadine Van Niekerk

 You would think you know everything about working and being employed but at FCD we were taught so much more on how to actaully present yourself in the work place and how imperative it is to act professionally and practice punctuality. Also the training teaches you alot about yourself as well and how you could grow and go forward as an individual and adult. Before I think I was a bit stuck regarding my spirituality. But now I am able to see things more clearly and I take upon a different approach on life. I am now more open and free to talk about spirituality and also influence others on really going on a journey of spirituality and find out who they are.



Shomonia Vlotman

IMG-20160418-WA0000“I learned to be more forgiving and loving towards others. I learned more about myself and I overcame my fear of talking in front of people.”-Shomonia Vlotman



 Lesley-Ann Klaassen

lesley ann“It brought me more closer to God. I feel more connected to him. I now know that he is my daily bread.” - Lesley-Ann Klaassen


 Amy-Lee Farao

amy lee“the training equipped me with the skills that I need to get a job so that I can achieve my goals.” - Amy-Lee Farao




Joanne Januarie

jo anne“I have gained so much confidence in myself and know that I can do whatever I set my mind to.”- Joanne Januarie


Anelisa Dondolo

 “I have learnt more about myself, and I now know what I have to do in order to achieve my goals.“I  have learnt more about myself, and I now know what I have to do in order to achieve my goals.”-Anelisa Dondolo

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As a refugee in South Africa, I am thankful and grateful to the Fisantekraal Centre for Development, for teaching me about my rights and responsibilities as I live here in South Africa. I also want to thank the FCD team for their commitment to the task of training unemployed people, providing jobs for them and giving hope to the hopeless. Even though I knew a little about computers, I really learned a lot during the Basic Computer course. Thanks to Mr. Mark Parris from the Durbanville Community Church for the devotions on Wednesdays for teaching us about the Lord’s favour and love upon me and everyone else.

Cheryl Maxwell

cheryl“I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that made this course possible. Thanks for all the help that was exchanged. May your dreams be fulfilled. May God bless you and guide you in the future. I will surely miss all of you. To the good Samaritan who always brings us eats on a Wednesday, A GREAT THANKS TO YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. To the people who have devotions with us on a Wednesday morning: Thank you for sharing with us.” (Continues on the next page.)

Marissa-Mahmoodah Janes

marissa“I would like to thank each and every one who helped me gain what I’ve learned here, everybody who made it worthwhile, I enjoyed every moment being here and I am going to miss the students and FCD staff. I grew to love you all. FCD, keep it up and help people. You guys helped me and I am very grateful. I now know more than I used to know. THANKS!”


Zenodean Grootboom

“I want to share how much FCD meant to me in such a short time. I learned so much about others and their culture and their different beliefs. We helped one another and we learned to work in groups and pray for one another, But the most important tool I learned is to trust in GOD in all times. I want to thank you FCD from the bottom of my heart because you did not just teach me to become the best office administrator, but made me realize that God is everything. Now I can be the best and not just good but good enough.

Carlene Kleynhans

carlene“I live in Durbanville and have three kids the first time I registered at FCD was to know more about computers. I started with life skills and basic computers. What I learnt in life skills opened my eyes on how I lived my life every day and with people around me. On how I can become a better person for someone out there without giving money but just be yourself and give five minutes of your time to listen to them. Especially the devotions talks that they have for you in the mornings I learn so much that I have a better outlook in life and that GOD never gives up on me. The best thing that happened here was when Grant Hopkins on 24/07/2012 give us a talk about how you can always count on GOD whatever obstacles may come in your way he is always there for and he will never gives up on you.”

Babalwa Xakwa

babalwa“I am 22 years old. I live in Khayalitsha. Being at FCD made me acknowledge many things. Today I know more about living with different people, about God and what I need to succeed in life. FCD was always there for me in hard times they made me talk about and be strong. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today. Now I know my strong points and my weak points. I thank you God for combining me with FCD. I felt welcome and appreciated, I was part of a good family where my problems were solved for me.”