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Testimonies 2017

 Chantell Stevens, 2017/11/24

The Office Basics course teaches you skills on how to work well with people and how to cope with everyday life. I can now speak English with confidence.

Doing Alpha made me realise that I have to put God before everything else.



Akona Mpahlwa, 2017/11/24

It was more then I expected. You learn about life skills that you can practically use in your life. You learn how to be a better person in the workplace, family and community. It is most definitely going to help me in my life. You don’t just learn about what to do at work but also how to be a better team worker and being a team worker also applies in your family and how to handle situations in your life and also how to present yourself. I got to see it practically demonstrated on my job shadow at Media 24.

The life skills helped me recognise myself, see myself differently, learned how to handle conflict, and how to handle stress.

I especially struggled in faith. After doing Alpha, I now feel like I have somewhere to go for help and my questions. I feel like I can finally go on a journey to learn more where as before I was disinterested.


Philiswa Jack, 2017/09/12

I liked the interview part because I’ve never been to an interview before so now I know how to prepare myself for an interview.


Luzaan Malgas, 2017/09/12

I felt sad when we were sharing Life Stories, it was for me hard to open up what has happened in the past but when you talk to people about the past it was kind of a relief. 


Naomi Reinders, 2017/09/12

I learnt skills which can be used in the workplace but also in my personal capacity.



Michelle Baadtjies, 2017/09/12

I felt very emotional sharing our life stories, just to think that we all came out of different situations. The best of all for me was that we all wanted to make a difference in our circumstances. We all wanted to improve our skills and relationships. We want to reach our goals and FCD showed us that we can do it.

Amanda Willem, 2017/09/12

It empowered me to be positive about myself and not let other people say negative things about me. I also realize that I must not be negative to other people. The training helped me to know how to improve myself in my CV and in the Interview.

Sibongile Ndara, 2017/09/12

Those sessions bought the light out of me.

Everytime when I walk out of FCD I am a changed person.



Fiona Lewis, 2017/09/12

I learned more about myself and the  fact that I have met such wonderful people makes me want to go out more and also see what the world has install for me. I am thankful to God for everyday. I talked to strangers about my personal history and it was not easy. But, listening to stories of others made me realize that I was not alone.

Ilse Jegels, 2017/12/09

The training really helps you to know yourself better. To know your weak and strong points and to think about it will change your life forever.  I realized that I am a very angry person and that I have to deal with it or it will impact my life so dramatically and I don’t want that. 


Akona Mpahlwa, 2017/09/12 

I will recommend FCD because it is more than just learning about books and how to handle work and how to get work, it is education for the soul and everyone deserves to have that type of education in their lives. I have learnt different and more compassionate ways to solve conflict both in  the workplace and in my personal life. My excitement for my future has been revived again. I say what bothers me now instead of keeping it to myself and letting it destroy me from the inside.


Constance Manko, 2017/09/12

The dreams and goals helped me a lot because I have not written my dreams and goals down, but I have realised how important is to write down dreams and goals and I have to follow them.


Bronwin Smith, 2017/09/12

I learnt to interact more with people and how to control my feelings when I get upset. What I liked most was when we talked about our lives and after that we got to know each other better and worked well together as a team. During the Who am I session, I found myself again after a long time. I didn’t know I would change so fast and I would like to keep it this way. Sharing Life Stories was a bit difficult but I got through it and talked about my life and it felt like I was getting stronger after that talk.

My relationship with my parents was not so good but when I started with the JRP my relationship with them changed.

I am not a talkative person but after gaining so much knowledge I am more confident now and I am calm like never before.

Ignatius Philander, 2017/09/12

What I have learnt will open doors for me.  Our spiritual feeding was also great for the soul and I enjoyed it very much. It definitely made me think, sometimes you get so involved in your own life and problems that you tend to forget there’s a whole world out there with bigger problems and to not just think about yourself and your problems. There is so much more to being a citizen, how I can help my community and not just to wait around for someone else to do something, it is within me to do something.

Delmaree Hearne, 2017/09/12

Emotionally I’m better than I was before. I can now be a shoulder to someone else, I can listen to understand, also give emotional support. I realized that I should give more love to friends and family who are HIV positive.

I am starting to fall in love with my computer, and thanks to FCD I can go on different career sites and finally get the job I want. Knowledge is power and you all made it possible.

Ashonette Julius, 2017/10/11

What I found beneficial was the fact this course was not only about computers . They teach about things that effect you on a daily basis. For me its very inspirational to have done this course ,  it  has taught me such a lot of things I never knew. I have learned about my Rights as an individual, I have spent time reading my Bible. This is not just a computer course but it is also a place where you can find yourself. I have become more confident and more positive about my future since I have been at Fisantekraal, so I will definitely recommend family and friends.

Sandiswe Maphasa, 2017/10/11

I found mostly knowledge and gained more confidence. I would recommend this to my friends because this course has helped me a lot with many things such as computer, and how to deal with customers  at a store and how to handle conflict at the work place. Now I know what I want to be and I am about to reach my goal


Babalwa Maxakana,2017/11/10            

I am self-confident. I am no longer a shy person. I know how to email and apply for the jobs for myself without any help now.

The training helped  me, especially  Life Stories when I shared my secrets I never told anyone about. It help me because now I am free  and happy.

I am now fit for the interview. I see the mistakes that made me unsuccessful in my previous interviews. I know how to type a CV. I know my rights in the work place. I know how to handle customers.

Pulane Sekese, 2017/10/11

I learned to speak up about how I feel and grew in confidence.  I would like to know more about other religions.                I learned that I am not the only one who has a problem and learned how to deal with different races, to be aware of every step I take concerning my life.  The course helped me to use a computer and work in a team. It made me to see the love of God.               I will attend the church service every Sunday and pray for our corrupt country.


Nangamso Gwayi, 2017/10/11

I learnt confidence because now I know who I am. It took me from low level to high level         . It impacted me very well emotionally –  it made me realise how important I am, it also made me know that even though I’ve have a sad life, it was meant to make me strong

I am able to communicate, handle conflict, I know my rights, I know about social ills, I know how to eat healthy and I know everything about HIV, Aids & TB.   I learnt that even if I can get ill it can be treated and get well. I know that even after mistakes I have done God still loves me.

Nroriseng Komane, 2017/11/10

First I was not knowing where am I going , but after Dreams and Goals, my life changed and I know  Who I am. Sharing my Life Story helped me to be open to others .



Phumeza Mlata     2017/11/10

I would recommend FCD because you get to learn about yourself and discover yourself in the process. It made me realize that  I am not alone and that its okay sometimes to go through hardship – God is trying to show you something. 

Our neighbors are dying and we are not doing anything about that , that  is a shame on me.

I am going to be more involved in the community and also the youth groups that we have in the community.

Mogamat Ganieldien, 2017/10/11

I learnt a lot about the aspects of communicating. The way you should talk while looking the person in the eye. Showing that you’re interested in the conversation by asking questions and being aware of your body language. This training has helped me a lot. I have already gotten calls of work opportunities. I believe it can help others too.

My self-esteem has definitely improved. I can honestly say that I am a better person. I am able to speak when spoken to and I can even volunteer to speak.

It has helped me deal with some of the anger I still had festering inside me.

We have been given extremely good interview tips. The way you should dress, punctuality and the way you address your interviewer. Then to keep a job we learnt the rules of the workplace both written and those that are just common courtesy.

Alexander Opperman, 2017/10/11

This course gave me the vision I have today to focus more on the important things in life. It guides you to know where u should be and also brings you much closer to God.      It helped me to not be shy, and to have courage to volunteer more than usual. It made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses.           



Bongiswa Siyila, 2017/10/11

I learnt about life skills. I learnt about life stories. I learnt about computer skills. I learnt about conflict at work. I learnt about positive attitude.

It was so bad to talk about my life at first, but at the end it was so helpful and made me happy to know that others are interested in me. It improved me to share my life story and to communicate with different people.             It’s impacted me to be aware about the interviews skills like dress code, language etc.     

Rochelle Smith, 2017/11/10

I learned to believe in myself, and be myself everywhere I go. I learned how to deal with people better. How to handle conflict and how to respond – something I did not really know. I learned how to work in a team, and not to judge the next person. Most importantly I learned how to build myself up for the future, and be confident. It is very helpful.  Sometimes you think you know everything, but you do not. You learn so much at FCD. In so little time you get built up from a shy introvert to an out spoken extrovert. It helped me to speak about my feelings, and helped me realize, that I can do anything I set my heart and mind on through Christ.


Somikazi Siyothula, 2017/06/28

The Office Basics Course is going to help me to improve my quality of life by having skills that I can use to knock on the door of my career choice.



Sibabale Komanisi, 2017/06/28

Office Basics training will help me to find better job and stand up for my family economically.




Nkgotseng Ramothathaki, 2017/06/28

If you have given up on your life dreams, the Office Basics Course will help to restart your life  and open more doors for you.



Yanga Bobotyana, 2017/06/28

The Office Basics  course equips you with skills that are needed most in the job market.

After the Job Readiness course, Yanga said:” I communicate better; solve conflict way better than I was before. Impacted me to be an active citizen in my community also to be an active citizen. That helping others does not only benefit them but also me as well. I learned to be confident, prepare my CV honestly and professionally. I now am able to budget offer the best customer service. Follow the work ethics of the company.”


Lindeka Mbhashe, 2017/06/28

You come to FCD with your issues, having lost hope – you come just come as you are. This is not a place for discrimination. It’s a good place to be.



Gabrielle Campher, 2017/06/28

You are never too old or too young to learn more and expand your horizons. Being at FCD is a good experience and I would like others to benefit from it as well.



 Danielle Booysen, 2017/06/28

I’m more confident to go out and look for work now. I’m also very positive.




Khadisha Jumeth, 2017/06/28

The Office Basics course is a great opportunity to upgrade your skills and to also find yourself and to uplift your spirit. I have grown a lot during the course and have become clear about what I want to do in the future.



Lucinda Arends 2017/07/21

FCD is the most understanding, caring helpful institution that walks hand in hand with its students. As a student at FCD I have grown as an individual in my personal life as well. They have given me hope. I feel confident  in my daily living as well – I feel that I have the ability to take on whatever task in life mentally and spiritually. I’m prepared for the future ahead. I now know what’s expected from me at an institution. The job shadow showed me what its like to be a carer and prepared me for the real world out there. I am amazed with my capability. I did not know I had it in me. Thanks to FCD.


Chesna Lategan 2071/07/21

The most challenging thing for me was talking in front of the class but as time progress I started to  become more confident. Doing the job shadow at Aristea prepared me for my future work environment. I learnt that I need to be humble and have respect for the elderly and to be understanding.  The training helped me in so many different ways, but what mostly stood out for me is the way you have to handle a difficult residents – with the knowledge I gained in class I was able to make a difference.  Alpha sessions helped me to be more open about life and the people surrounding me.


Waronica Spagenberg 2017/07/21

I really learned a lot  on this course – not just about my needs but the needs of our elderly. We can learn a lot from them. I really found myself the true thing! I know I am good at so if caring for others is for you this course will do you good. The job shadow – not every carer there does things by the book or how we were taught  in class, so we must hold how own there and do whats right and best for our residents. It was so hard for me to leave my practical. I really love working there and became very close to the old people. To care for the frail is not just a medical thing – to change their dirty nappy or wash them and feed them – there is so much more than that. They all have needs just like us – to be held, listened to, spoken to and just to be with you so that they don’t feel alone and unimportant.


Cornellia September 2017/07/21

It was a new challenge to do this frail care couse . I found it very tough learning the physiology and anatomy. Doing the job shadow at Andre van der Walt taught me how to communicate with staff members and residents – especially the difficult ones.The Alpha Holy Spirit outing was very emotional. It was just amazing. Iwas really inspired. I’ve started attending church services for the first time.



Ashleen Andreas 2017/07/21

I found it very interesting. We were well prepared for the real world. I’ve met a lot of good people. During my job shadow at Boland I learned to love the elderly with all your heart and treat them with respect and dignity. If it wasn’t for FCD I would have never come this far. They taught me a lot and I’m grateful for that. My trainer encouraged me to do my best and that I must do as I was taught, rather than follow short-cuts that others may be taking.The Alpha Holy Spirit outing really touched my life. I’m spending more time with my Bible and I feel like I have a new life. I see life differently. I’ve returned to church.


Lee Ann Lewis 2017/07/21

I love to work with the elderly and I love to interact with people.  I found getting up early daily to work without any pay really challenging. The Alpha sessions were helpful. I’ve returned to church .



Liezel Williams 2017/07/21

The theory and practical training was very helpful and educational for someone who wants to work in the medical field. The course covered way more work than I expected.  The practical training was definitely the most challenging, because I was so afraid I would not know how to handle the patients, but I amazed myself on how well I performed tasks. I was nervous at first of working with the elderly but I settled easily and worked so well that I didn’t feel like a student anymore but an employee. The Alpha sessions basically kept me going through this course, it lifted me made me want to go forward, the prayers and made me realise how blessed I am. I was changed completely. I felt like I was lost all my life, but I found myself here and I found my passion how great is that. The Holy Spirit Day was so powerful. Doing Alpha encouraged me to return to church. Socially I have met great and awesome people that I have become close to and will stay in contact with for the rest of my life. Emotionally I feel more inspired and motivated for what lies ahead for me. I will look for work and when that happens, I will see where it takes me. I plan to work as a frail carer, save up money until I’m ready to build my ranks.

A few months earlier, on completion of her Job Readiness programme, Liezel said: “There is honestly nothing I can add, I was shocked at the amount of information that was covered in such a short time and how much I learnt. I enjoyed it so much not just the course, but the friends I made. Anyone can come here no matter how unmotivated or unhappy they feel and they will leave here a better person.”


Danielle Pienaar

It helps built and develop self-esteem. Teaches you how to communicate, do some basic Maths. This course teaches you how to become and also to understand the principles of commitment, attendance and punctuality. How to communicate and interact and still have mutual respect, not only for others but also for myself. How to be a good team player with a little bit of enthusiasm and a positive attitude when participating.



Carmen Faber

I learned more about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are. The PC skills were very helpful. I can sit in front of a computer with confidence. Every lesson was powerful. It all had that something that is worthy. I fee


l much better about myself now and I have even more self confidence. The dreams and goals lesson was my favourite because I’ve learnt what my own dreams and goals are and what I should do to reach them.

 Anneline Bester

I will strongly recommend it for the youth because they are starting a new journey and I believe that what we learn here can be the foundation to build your life it can also be used as a guide line also FCD opened my mind cause now I can see that some decisions I made was actually based on where and how I grew up.



Nomzamo Prusent

It helped me because now I am not afraid to communicate in front of people. I learned that working as a team is always good as they will always stay positive and gain experience from each other. I fully know my rights now especially at the work place. It changed my way of seeing and doing things, we all human we should not judge one another we are unique. The foundation we get here is very helpful, each day I went home I learned something new that I go home with and share  with my family and friends. I feel more confident when approaching people or when they approach me. I feel totally new from inside out and that is how I wanted to start my new year.


Julie-Anne Rangolie

This course It has opened my eyes to see how much God has done for me and that he never gives up on his children and that you can be what you want to be in life,God Will help you make it.



Nathan Groeners

I will recommend FCD to others because you get to learn so much not only the basic computer skills but who you are as a person and also start working on your relationship with god. I feel better about myself, learned to concentrate on the positive and not on the negative. I know now how to start planning to reach my goals and how to handle conflict in different situations. I know now what a healthy relationship is and what’s not.



Victoria Jada

The training is good and it’s very helpful. I already told my family and friends and they are very interested to do the training.  I was very shy when the training started I didn’t feel comfortable but after a day I started feeling excited and happy to be here because everyone was so kind and friendly. I believe I am a child of god even sometimes am doing stupid thing, but I always find a way to connect with God.



Cheryldine Maulty

I found the friendliness of the volunteers presenting the courses beneficial and that this course will prepare you for the work environment when you never worked before. This training also impacted me emotionally because I had to share my life story with total strangers and that strangers became a family to me the past 3 weeks. I love the session with the physiologist she made me feel at ease and I could talk freely with her. These sessions taught me about who I am and what I want to become – where I see myself in a few years.  I learned about my rights, there were a few that I knew of, but then I learned about a few more.


Erica Cupido

I learned to do your job and keep up with it and to draw up a budget every month so I would take note of what I’m spending and what I’m not. To make use of my right when it’s needed. To always have my Body language in a professional way to do my interviews and use a proper way of pronouncing words so the interviewer would understand and to be relax and organized. I started attending church again and I’m more open unto God by praying and communicating with God. To improve my spiritual life I am going to do spiritual dancing again.