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Successful launch of Frail Care course


Thanks to the generosity of the Durbanville community, we were able to launch our Frail Care training
course in September 2015 with 7 eager Frail Care learners. The intensity of the programme however, proved to be a bit too rigorous for some of the learners, who were not quite ready to commit to the attendance and home studies that the course required, while one of the learners opted to accept a permanent post as a receptionist in a private hospital and put her Frail Caring dreams on hold.

Registered nursing professional, Deliane Nel, who covered a majority of the training material with the learners, confirmed her satisfaction with the quality of the course content which she believes is of an exceptionally high standard equipping our learners to function professionally from day 1 of their practicals.


DSC02065The six weeks of intensive training included the ethics of caring, basic anatomy and physiology, taking care of the patient environment, personal care of a patient, death and dying, basic First Aid and caring for an infant, baby or child.

DSC02098Practical demonstrations were given on all the procedures covered in the above modules. These procedures were then thoroughly practiced, often during the learners’ regular visits to Huis Aristea throughout the theoretical part of the course. This plus other outings organised to local institutions, like Iris House, greatly enhanced the learning process, providing learners with valuable insight into the challenges that they would face as Frail Carers. The learners’ confidence in their skills was confirmed by all the learners during their farewell presentations.

Charmaine Saaiers said: “We knew exactly what was expected and noticed when ‘other’ carers’ were not following the procedures correctly.”

IMG-20150930-WA0000DSC02135Lucille duPlessis also said that “whereas other carers did not feel confident to assist at certain times – like with washing gentlemen – it was easy for me to take charge and handle the situation in a professional and easy manner, making my patients feel at ease”.

Claudette du Plessis said that the frail care knowledge has been so ingrained in her that she had been DSC02131DSC02127finding herself doing “observations” of strangers whenever she is around the elderly.

All the learners praised their trainer, Deli, for equipping them very well for the tasks at hand.

During the 5 week practicals, 2 learners (Charmaine Saaiers and Claudette du Plessis) were assigned to Green Pastures, while Lucille du Plessis was assigned to Huis Boland and Faith Koli to Huis Aristea. During this time, the learners were supervised by the institution and visited on a weekly basis by their trainer, who completed further assessments of procedures being practiced. Records of these assessments are then kept in each learner’s portfolio of evidence.

The Frail Carers were also given an opportunity to attend an additional 2 day accredited level 1 First Aid training course at Dynamikos, which further compliments the First Aid module covered earlier in their 20151013_084129theory.

Life skills training and discipleship formed an integral part of the training, ensuring that the emotional, spiritual and economic development needs of the learners were addressed during the 6 week theory training period.

The final week of the course was spent consolidating the theory and practical training received. Learners were required to make their final presentations to the IMG-20150929-WA0002staff, demonstrating their knowledge of certain procedures, before writing their final examination of the theory covered.

Excellent results were achieved for these exams, demonstrating the commitment and level of competence of these learners. Charmaine Saaiers achieving close to 100%. Charmaine signed up for the Frail Care course at the age of 48 with a desire to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. She was forced to abandon
this dream when her father roped her into running their family business from a very young age. After the death of both her parents (whom she cared for in their infirm years) Charmaine’s dream of nursing was reignited and she decided to sign up for the Frail Care course. Her success on the course has encouraged her to continue with her nursing studies on a part-time basis while working as a Frail Carer.

Our first group of Frail Care learners (from left) were Charmaine Saaiers, Nolene Haffejee, Faith Koli, Claudette du Plessis and Lucille du Plessis

Charmaine and Claudette so impressed the Frail Caring Service Providers of Green Pastures, that they have both been accepted as contract employees of the institutions Frail Care service provider, Albrecht Nursing Services.

DSC02129Lucille has received a permanent position at Huis Boland, where she completed her practical assignment.

We trust that Faith will be placed as a Frail Carer within the next few weeks.

As we celebrate the successful completion of our first Frail Care training course, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors and supporters for their contributions

  • frail care equipment, linen and financial donations received from within community
  • Norollah Trust for sponsoring the trainer costs
  • Cause we Can artists, sponsors and concert attendees
  • Huis Aristea, Huis Boland and Green Pastures
  • our prayer partners for carrying the staff and learners during this challenging period

Please take a moment to listen to some of the feedback given by the learners on completion of their course.