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Stylish fundraiser helps ensure sustainability


Volunteers, supporters and partners of Fisantekraal Centre for Development pulled out all the stops to ensure a successful and stylish fundraising event held at the Neethling family estate in Durbanville at the end of August.


The contributions of the philanthropic guests and sponsors resulted in a financial boost of R100,000 to FCD’s coffers. Jane Gelderman, director of the FCD, says that these funds will go a long way in equipping the unemployed with the skills needed to find jobs.

Neels Hubinger, Chairman of FCD, kicked off the evening reminding the Durbanville community of the good work FCD does equipping the unemployed to become economically active. The organisations motto of “a hand up” and not a hand out was clearly shown in a video clip revealing several student success stories.

Students had the opportunity to showcase their skills as waitrons at the event. Mzwamadoda (Morris) Sikunanal, who completed the Job Readiness Programme, said that “working at the function was a great experience as it was my first time to attend a function like that. I had no idea how to be a waiter and it was challenging because there were a lot of people and I was not sure how to behave around them. I eventually loosened up as they started engaging and felt more relaxed. I learnt how to be professional and how to conduct myself in a public space.”

Morris went on to say that during the time spent in training “I gained self-esteem and became more confident. I got my sense of life back and believed more in myself. I now know how to stand up for myself and not believe all the negative things that people say about me”.

Apart from the funds raised, several individuals were motivated to sign up as regular volunteers and donors. After the event, Francois Hugo from True South Actuaries reflected on the evening saying “it’s a privilege to support a professional organisation like FCD”.

“The positive response by the community is hugely encouraging. Our training efforts positively impacted the lives of 242 families over the last financial year. During this time, we have grown our base of placement partners and are pleased to report that the percentage of students who are finding work after completing their training has increased to 69%” says Jane Geldermann.

The funds raised at this event enables FCD to continue offering sponsored and affordable training to the unemployed. Prospective students are required to pay a mere commitment fee of roughly 10% of the actual training costs.

Annemarie Cupido, FCD admin assistant, far right, enjoys a moment with FCD graduates who served as waitrons at our fundraiser