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Students in the real world

Leandre Opperman

Leandre Opperman completed the Office Basics in August this year and is very excited about starting her job as Assistant at Mr Price. “I saw an advertisement for FCD in the newspaper, but had also heard other people talking about the work they do there. And even though I am from Scottsdale in Kraaifontein, I thought it would be worthwhile to deal with the travelling every day.”
For Leandre the most important thing she learnt personally, was self-confidence and as far as the courses were concerned – she really enjoyed learning how to work with computers. “The business communication was also really interesting and very helpful.”
Leandre believes that the courses at FCD are worthwhile and she is spreading the word to encourage more people to do courses. “This can really change your life.”

Monique Geduld from Paarl completed the Job Readiness course during 2015. She worked as a waitress in a coffee shop until just recently when she went on maternity leave.

Monique Geduld

“I heard about the job readiness course from my sister-in-law. And even though I live in Paarl, I was lucky enough to be able to do the course at FCD because my brother worked close by and I could get a lift with him.
“I really enjoyed the course, especially learning how to work with computers, how to do job searches on the computer and then to send your CV via email.
“Before I did the course, I was very shy and really didn’t like to talk to strange people or talk in front of a group of people. But in JR they gave us self-confidence and I am now comfortable when I have to introduce myself and when I go for an interview.”
Even though Monique is not working right now, she is looking forward to returning to the workforce after the birth of her baby.
“I learnt a lot at FCD and will definitely tell other people to look into doing courses there. Unfortunately my brother doesn’t work close by the centre anymore, so I don’t think I will be able to do any more courses.”

“I was helping a friend with catering when she told me about the Frail Care course at FCD and said she believed that I would

Lorrian September

be perfect for the course. I would never have thought to do something like that, but she really believed in me and gave me the confidence to give it a try,” says Lorraine September.
Since completing the Frail Care course in August, Lorraine has been working as a carer at Huis Aristea. “I love working with the elderly. This best part of my day is helping someone who is down or having a bad day to feel better again.
“Frail care is not for everyone. You need to have a HEART and lots of patience to work with the elderly. Some people want to be frail carers because of the uniform or the money – but if you don’t care about people, this job is not for you.”
According to Lorraine she really enjoyed the Frail Care course even though it was quite tough. “The most important things I learnt was that we need God in our lives and that we need to have sympathy with other people.”

Tanyia Solomons

One of the students who completed the Job Readiness course is Tanyia Solomons. She heard about FCD from a former Frail Care student Jacqueline Albertyn. “Jacquelyn is working at an old age home at the moment, but it is not for me,” says Tanyia who comes from Kuilsriver. Tanyia is currently working as a general manager for Domino’s Pizza. “At FCD I learnt never to give up and I didn’t. I have found something that I really like and am good at.”



Liesl Brits

According to Christo Visser from Kraaifontein Spar, Liesl Brits who started with them in September this year, is a great find. “She is working as a team leader in the take-away section and has just fitted in so well. Liesl takes her work very seriously and her teamwork is excellent.”
At the moment, Liesl is still on probation, but Christo is sure that she will be appointed as the supervisor of that section once her probation is over. “She knows how to work with people and to motivate her team.”
Kraaifontein Spar is one of FCD’s job shadow partners (through MontEagle Merchandising) and Christo says they have had quite a few Fisantekraal candidates do their job shadowing in their store. “I think what FCD is doing is a worthwhile endeavour and if all their graduates are of Liesl’s calibre then they are doing an excellent job.”
According to Liesl, she had actually wanted to do the Office Basics after she had completed the Job Readiness course but saw that Spar was looking for people and dropped off her CV. She was called for an interview the next day and offered the job of Fruit and Veg assistant.
Liesl so impressed management that she was promoted to team leader I the takeaway section after two days. “I would have liked to have completed the Office Basics course too as I like admin work. But, unfortunately, there was only a course again in January and when I got the job offer, I decided to rather take the job.”
Liesl heard about the FCD from a friend of hers who as it happens is also working with her at Kraaifontein Spar now. “I learnt a lot in the JR course – self-confidence, how to work with people and how to deal with confrontation. I really enjoyed the religious classes because we all have problems and it is really nice to be able to talk about your problems where people will listen to you and support you.
“I will definitely recommend the courses at FCD. I am confident now when I deal with customers and not afraid of dealing with problems that may arise. This is thanks to FCD.”