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Staff News

The Satellite Project Life Skills trainer position has been filled by Leilani Gertse. Her contribution is making a significant impact on the quality of our satellite and Durbanville Life Skills training. It has highlighted (firstly) the value of having a full time person in this role, and secondly having a suitably skilled individual added to the team.

Cherylann Basson, the 2nd True South intern, has been appointed as one of our Reception & Admin Interns. So far she is doing really well.

Melanie Jacobs, an Investec Intern through Waumbe, is spending 3 days a week at FCD for a 1 year period.

Lee Griffin has been contracted to facilitate 3 hours of Office Basics classes per week (Office Prac and Call Centre) and 3 hours of Frail Care English Bridging per week.

Lloyd Pullen has joined us as a Poverty Stoplight survey conductor.

Elaine du Toit and Anabela Beuke are back for the short term and we are very grateful for that! They have agreed to co-facilitate BfP1-2019.

We have given BfP3-2018 graduate, Janet Links, an opportunity to gain some training expereince this term. She has been contracted as the Baking Assistant Trainer and is currently being coached to equip her to take on more responsibility in the future.

Elizma Saunders has been contracted to pilot our first round of Home Management and Hospitality training. She has spent many years working in the hospitality industry abroad and in South Africa and brings a wealth of experience and skill to this programme.

A new Frail Care trainer, Anatjie Waserman, has joined our team. Anatjie has years of experience in nursing, missions and in managing a retirement facility.

Rene Grobler joined the Board late 2018. She is an HR specialist. She is head of talent management at HRNow and has decades of HR experience in various capacities.  She loves people and God and she is a Farming God’s Way enthusiast.