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Spectacle Warehouse Willowbridge

When Spectacle Warehouse recently embarked on a recruitment campaign, they contacted FCD to provide them with CVs of suitable candidates for positions that they were hoping to fill.

We were pleased to be able to provide them with several CVs of students who had completed our Office Basics course.

Danielle Booysen, now working in telesales and customer services says that her Office Basics training equipped her well for her job at Spectacle Warehouse.

“Danielle started as a telephonist at Spectacle Warehouse and is currently running the switchboard. She is making appointments and transferring our phone calls” says Sonja Moolman, Optician at the the Willowbridge branch.

“I work on computers all day and need to find customer information quickly. The excel training helped prepare me for this kind of work, while the call centre training helped me to handle the telesales well and to provide good customer service” says Danielle.


Gabrielle Campher, who completed the  Office Basics training with Danielle, was also placed at Spectacle Warehouse.

Her keen attention to detail and desire to work in a scientific field  resulted in her being given the opportunity to work in the laboratory of the company, assisting with the production of spectacles.

“Gabrielle started as a lab technician, and we are proud to say she was the first lady to do the job, and she is doing very well. She also likes to learn and is eager to help” says Sonja Moolman.