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Rosina Mlata

Rosina Mlata attended  FCD’s Bake for Profit course from October to December 2013. She is the first student who has met (and exceeded) her sales targets every week of the course and has been a source of great encouragement to trainer Elaine duToit.

From  the outset, Rosina, demonstrated her commitment in turning her passion for baking into a profitable business. She tackled her first assignment with glee and rushed home to sell her first batch of muffins and pancakes that she produced in her first baking practical class. Being the budding entrepreneur that she is, she immediately used her profit to stock up her kitchen to enable her to continue baking and selling and roped her  daughter in  to sell muffins at school. Creatively, Rosina is “paying” her daughter for her efforts by giving her airtime for muffins sold at school!. Her husband, a taxi driver, is very proud of Rosina’s success and encourages her to keep on selling.

Since starting with Bake for Profit, Rosina has been making a weekly profit of between R200 and R300. She rises at 4am every day to bake and is ready to start selling her goods at the Fisantekraal taxi rank before 8am.

Rosina is experiencing some challenges and could benefit from mentorship from an experienced entrepreneur with an understanding of the challenges that living in an informal settlement brings.