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Promising changes introduced to our office training programme

Our Office Basics course was launched during July 2015 with the purpose of equipping candidates with the skills needed to enter the workforce with computer, telephony and customer service skills required to enter the call center market or to work as entry level office assistants or receptionists.

The growing number of call centres in and around the Bellville area led to the introduction of the call centre training as a key deliverable of our training is to assist our qualifying learners with placements.


We are grateful to the relationship that we have (through Learn to Earn) with the TFG call centre. Along with offering placement opportunities, The Foshini Group (TFG) hosted our learners on an industry site visit through their Parow Call Centre. This visit proved to be quite an educational experience for our Office Basics learners – many of whom had never experienced a corporate office environment in the past. They were overwhelmed by the career opportunities that this industry provides, radically changing their perception of their ability to fit into this environment.


On completion of the training, the Office Basics learners are given an opportunity to participate in job shadows with several FCD partners. The last group of trainees were assigned work experience training in reception at Full Signal, Radio Tygerburg, Signa Academy, Nostic Asset Management and MES Bellville.

IMG-20150917-WA0004IMG-20150917-WA0001An exciting addition to our job shadow partnerships has been the Axon Foundation Call Centre, arranged by a new volunteer from the Protea Valley Church, Lea-Anne Hack. Rowena Manual and Nonka Dube were given an opportunity to complete their work experience at this call centre. Looking at the pictures above, we can say that they felt very much at home in this environment. Nonka confirmed that she loved the experience and is eager to pursue a career in call centres. She also said: “I enjoyed  the whole programme because you get to do role plays and also an opportunity to learn how to engage with people.”


Other work experience that this group of learners was exposed to was participating in promoting the training centre at various local schools, and in working at the Spur shadow shift, a Spring Day fundraiser held at the Silver Creek Spur in Durbanville. The learners thoroughly enjoyed this activity, demonstrating to us just how ready they are to deliver excellent customer service.



For many, the waitron experience was a new and previously daunting activity. However, the warm welcome given to our learners by the staff and customers, gave them the confidence to shine – and add this to their list of possible employment opportunities.

As always, every programme includes so much more than work. Many hours were also spent having fun, getting up to mischief and then, importantly, spiritual development, in the form of the Alpha programme. “The discipleship session gave me a chance to reconnect and improve on my faith. (Nonkazimulo Dube)

“It helped me to express my feelings and say what has been on my mind for a long time.” (Chineal Farao)


Jane Gelderman hosted the Alpha Holy Spirit Day for the Office Basics class at the Bergsig NG Church

Celebrating the birth of fellow learner Riyaad’s baby girl