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Poverty robs one of your dignity and makes you lose hope

Louis Meiring is a member of the Bergsig Dutch Reformed Church congregation. “Professionally I have an accounting background and have international experience in various financial disciplines.  My family and I follow in the footsteps of Jesus and we have been blessed. Therefore we want to share these blessings with God’s children and not keep it just for ourselves.  My contribution at FCD is in answer to a calling from our heavenly Father. I see people as God’s masterpieces and I want them to flourish as it was intended by God.  Poverty robs one of your dignity and makes you lose hope.  Unemployment goes hand in hand with poverty, therefore if one can provide employment; the problem of poverty also gets addressed.

FCD’s foundation is God.  The solution to many of our countries problems lies with educating people and providing employment.  FCD does exactly that, thus we have a common ideology.