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Ploughing back into Fisantekraal

The Acorn Foundation recently appointed several staff members from the Fisantekraal community to make a positive impact on the schooling being offered at the Trevor Manual Primary School. We were delighted to see that four of the successful candidates come from our pool of Office Basics graduates.

Yanga Bobotyana, Gaillyn Maans and Keenin Lewis have been appointed as computer lab assistants to equip a new generation of youngsters with computer skills.

Kaylin Afrikaner, was appointed as the Personal Assistant to the Principal of the School. Kaylin accepted this offer after completing her internship of 18 months at FCD.

Keenin Lewis shared that he first applied for a job in the school’s sport department because he loves rugby and cricket (he currently captains The Kraaifontein Rugby Club’s Under 20’s team). His dream is to become a History Teacher; working as a class facilitator, he believes that he has now taken the first step towards achieving this goal.

He says that FCD’s training helped to set him apart from the other candidates that had applied for the job, “especially learning how to sell myself in an interview” says Keening, “I could see how the interviewers started paying attention to me as I responded to their questions Later, while we were receiving training from the Click Foundation on using the Reading and Maths programmes that we need to facilitate with the pupils, I noticed how well FCD’s students coped with learning the new skills. We – the FCD students – also presented ourselves more professionally than the other recruits. I think that the communication skills which taught us about the importance of listening and respecting the opinions of others was particularly useful when we needed to plan and make decisions about our work.”