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Organizational background

In 2008, individuals from various churches in Durbanville started FCD in order to address the needs of unemployed people in the area. This strong volunteer involvement has been strength of FCD. Learn to Earn, on behalf of FCD, conducted a thorough community analysis of the greater Durbanville area to determine the needs of specific communities, employers’ needs and employment opportunities. This research was documented and informed the choice of training.

The LtE Association model was adopted with the belief that through the Association, the importance of holistic human development principles, if understood and implemented, will contribute to the eradication of poverty, facilitation of job creation and the ensuring of sustainable economic development of unemployed people and local communities.

FCD’s association with Learn to Earn dates back to 2000 when Skills development courses were conducted just outside Fisantékraal on Standler Farm between 2000 and 2005 by Learn to Earn (LtE). It was during this time that LtE applied for a property in Fisantekraal for the development of a Training Facility from City of Cape Town. This will be ceded to FCD on completion of the building project.

In 2009 FCD, in association with Learn to Earn (LtE), up a skills development centre in Durbanville and has offered the following courses: Life Skills, Discipleship, Business Skills, Office Administration, Basic Computers and Advanced Computers, Learners License and Bake for Profit. These courses are a means to developing values and attitudes that will enable people to become and remain economically active.  The programme intentionally seeks to restore dignity and develop the self esteem and self confidence of people attending.