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Office Admin learners finish well







Office Admin learners celebrated the end of their 10 week training programme yesterday with joy and enthusiasm for the future, but with a hint of sadness about leaving behind their FCD family.

Here are some of their reflections about their time at FCD:

Office Admin Feb2015 class (from left) Sanele Njoli, Charlton Isacks, Lucille Diedericks, Nellie Mentoor, Cyndi Carelson, Elmonise Emtoch, Shireen Pedro with (Sir) Kyle van Rooyen, PC training assistant at the back. Ncebekazii and Faneka were not able to be with us. We missed them.

Sanele Njoli:  I’ve had a great and wonderful journey with my fellows and the rest of all the FCD family. May the good Lord help us to find ourselves in life.

Charlton Isacks: Be punctual and willing to learn and forget the sentence” I DON’T KNOW” ask and you shall receive.  My goal is to become the best Office Administrator any company could ever have.


Cindy Carelson: Being at FCD will help me to achieve whatever I set out to do, because it motivated me to never give up on my dreams and goals and I’m so much positive and confident now.

Nellie Mentoor: I’ve grown so much spiritually, even my household changed in a very positive way. I loved discovering just how “big” our God is in the devotional session we did on Revelations 4.

Shireen Pedro: When I came to FCD, I was a broken vessel, but I’ve grown spiritually and when I’m here I just feel at home and blessed.

Lucille Diedericks: I’ve become much more confident and am know that I can succeed in the workplace. I’m no longer scared to try something new, because I know that I have the basics skills necessary. I do not need to know everything, because I will learn more along the way.