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Office Admin Jan2014 class speaks out

Blessing Katuruza : FCD changed my life. I’m much stronger, confident and am ready for the challenges ahead. I’ve learned to trust others and am starting to heal emotionally from the deep scars that were left from the sexual and physical abuse experienced as a child.

Bernadine Robinson : I was very shy, but being here has taught me to talk to people and make new friends. It’s given me the confidence to achieve my goals and dreams.

Kyle van Rooyen : Being at FCD has boosted my self-esteem and made me realise that I can achieve success. I love IT and science and was very happy to do the job-shadow at Cipla, where they combine all the things I love – IT and medicine! Now I have the confidence to pursue this dream.

Natasha George : I learned that I have potential and that sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can achieve, like working in a team and speaking in front of groups of people.

Zola Agnew : I have gained a lot of knowledge. I have a more positive outlook on life and know that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’ve also come to believe that I am special.

Charnell Rossouw: Before I came to FCD I was in a comfort zone and was very quiet and shy. I’m still quiet, but have become more confident to communicate with others. I’ve learned to enjoy interacting with people.

Lauralee van Wyk: I have learned to have confidence in myself and my ability to be a success. I no longer feel less worthy than my friends who have gone on to college etc and feel inspired to keep studying and to achieve my dreams. This confidence has even led me to start voice coaching lessons to pursue my passion for making music.

Fedrika de Klerk : It was so good to discover how much I could learn for the amount of money I spent on this course. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know other students and discovering how much I care about other people. I have experience working in an office and enjoyed using my knowledge to help others with practical assignments.

Wagghieda Daniels: I learned a lot about myself and have become more loving and caring. The staff and friends I made at FCD have inspired me to seek the best for my life.

Rochelle Jacobus : Thank you FCD, For giving me my confidence back, For helping me to believe in myself, For restoring my joy in life and faith in God, But most of all thank you for the skills that you gave to improve myself in life. You’ve made me a stronger person.