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Moving, baking and praying

It’s been an eventful time in the Bake for Profit calendar as we “closed shop” in the NGK Durbanville kitchen to accommodate the church construction plans. Elaine shed a tear with Jacky as she thanked her for the generous support of the church over the past 5 years. We are so grateful to the NGK community for having hosted us and helping us to create opportunities for our bakers. We will always have fond memories of Thursday morning bakes, tastings with Ponte, hugs from Andre and love and friendship for all other staff.

After a few months of exploring venues in the Durbanville area, God connected us with a new church family to host our Bake for Profit classes. The Durbanville Presbyterian church were delighted to partner with us in our mission of equipping people for a meaningful life and have made their kitchen and hall available for weekly baking and business skills classes. Trainer, Anabela, kicked off the year with a group of 6 learners in our new facility and while there are some teething issues, she is enjoying hosting the class in a peaceful environment where she has access to the kitchen and equipment during baking and theory days. She says that it is helpful as she tries to make the business skills theory more relevant to the learners. She is also grateful to her network of friends who have donated 2 storage cupboards to the baking class.

Students too have been delighted to receive their new manuals and starter kits sponsored by Premier Foods. Learn to Earn has been working with Premier in the revision of the Bake for Profit manuals and have produced outstanding quality revised manuals. Trainers and students alike are delighted with the upgraded material and additional sponsorship of utensils and products. Premier Foods have given these learners an added incentive to start-up their businesses, by donating 10kgs of flour and a range of baking pans to those who are able to demonstrate that they have started a small business.;

This class has also been blessed with a burst of spiritual energy from Mike and Craig of Common Ground Durbanville. These gentlemen have volunteered to support us with the spiritual development of our learners by committing to pray regularly and to share God’s love with our students by hosting the Alpha sessions. Their love for Jesus is infectious and we pray with them that God will open the hearts of all who attend to receive the message of Jesus’ great sacrifice for us.