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Michael Boorman

Michael Boorman attended our Job Readiness Programme in October 2014. He had resigned from a job at the Spar because he found it too challenging to get back to Fisantekraal every evening. After several months of battling to find employment, Michael decided to attend FCD’s Job Readiness Programme. Michael embraced the training, demonstrating a super customer service orientation along with the values and attitudes needed to be successful in the workplace. As a result, he was given an opportunity to participate in the Work Experience training programme arranged with Sonstraal Spar – which in turn led to him being re-employed, this time as a cashier at the in the Spar’s Tops Bottle Store.

Michael says that his time at FCD has given him a better understanding of the role and value an employee as well as his rights and responsibilities towards his employer.

Even though his transport from work remains a challenge, he now gladly walks the distance required to find a taxi, for the joy of having a full-time job.