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Melanie Ess

Melanie EssMelanie Ess completed the Bake for Profit course in June 2014 and fast became known as the Cupcake Go-to Girl as she experimented and wowed with her delicious and beautifully iced cupcakes.

Eager to find employment in catering in order to provide for herself and her school going son, this single mother was thrilled to find employment at Bidvest Premier lounge at Cape Town International Airport. Melanie is responsible for providing passengers with snacks before they board their flight.

She says that doing the Bake for profit course, gave her the confidence and skills she needs – not only to help herself, but also to share her knowledge with her fellow workers. “For me, to teach someone something is such a joy. God has blessed me with these special gifts and I’m grateful to be able to share them”,  says Melanie.