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Job Ready with new skills in pockets

DSC01605Farewell to another wonderful group of Job Readiness Learners. What a privilege it was to spend the last 3 weeks with you. May God continue to bless you and keep you strong and in the boundaries of His will for your life.

Thanks for the amazing feedback we received about your time at FCD. You really are AWESOME…. and don’t you forget it!!



This is what some of the learners had to say about their time at FCD:
DSC01556Yanga Ntlantsana : During Discipleship, I learned that I can trust God with my problems. I also found out that nothing can change God`s love for me.
Zine Matakane: I would recommend it because in this training you learn lot of stuff like communication with people and customers. The training also helped me to talk about myself. It was freeing to share my life story for the first time, realising that no one judges me for the circumstances of my life. It helped build my confidence and self-esteem. I was also pleased to about Bible on how to pray.
Sibongiseni Gqiba: This life story had impact on my life because it helped me to talk about things I haven’t revealed in the past. This has helped me to heal and gave me a chance to talk again and have the mind of moving on with my life.
If you have poor communication skills then you are not able to communicate with other in a work environment.
DSC01552Henwill Moses: Having good relationship skills will make you a better communicator especially in a work environment and even in your community.
Working through the modules on Who am I and Life Stories was very good for me, because for the time I was at home I had thought that I am useless and that no one will ever talk to me. The life skills program made me realise who I really am. The discipleship helped me to stop doing the wrong stuff and get back on the track where I was before in my younger days. I’m liking that!

Riyaad Sayed: FCD is a great organization and Ill recommend it to anyone. We are more a family then classmates. During the session Who Am I, I asked myself that question day in and day out, and I can now say, I am Riyaad Sayed – soon to be a world class business man. Due to FCD I have found it in myself to believe in
myself once again and I know that I will reach ALL DREAMS AND GOALS!
I am a person whom hates conflict . FCD helped me learn how not to burst out and react out but to be calm and patient.
DSC01565Drew-Lynn De Villiers: I take more time to just pray and praise the Lord than to do nothing. I appreciate life more, feel good about myself and respect myself more than ever!

I used to ignore conflict but now i try to face it with a positive attitude. I teach myself to respect others’ traditions and work on my relationships with my friends and family.
Kwezi Getswana: FCD is the best training centre ever. I learnt how to use the computer and how to search for jobs on the internet. Now I have a skill in my pocket.
Nonceba Vundla: The sessions of Who am I and Life Stories played a big role in my life because I had a chance to share my problems with other people, which helped me to realise that I am not the only person who has problems.
DSC01560Rhushay Eksteen: I now believe in my own ability. I’ve learned that all people have a family history and personal history. I cannot undo what happened in the past, but I can learn from past experiences.

Nonkazimulo Dube: I think it helped me a lot because when I came here thought it
was only going to based more on computers but also got a chance to learn about customer service and prepare me for interviews and what to expect in a workplace.