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Job Readines Programme

Job Readiness Programme

Duration: 10 days

Course fee: R50

Improve your chances of finding the right job for you

This job readiness programme will help you to review your dreams and set some plans in place to achieve your goals.

The course includes

  • Life Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Basic maths required in sales
  • Spiritual development

All candidates registering for training at FCD are required to commence their training with this course.

The life skills modules, together with the holistic approach followed, are designed to develop the values and attitutes needed to become and remain economically active. The relatively small classes and accepting environment lead to restoration of individual dignity and self-esteem. Modules include communication, conflict, human rights, work ethics and many more.

The value of front-line staff, customer service, effective team work and safety and security are also taught – as well as basic maths skills for the retail environment.

Practical sessions cover CV preparation, job searching on the internet, uploading & emailing CV’s to employers and interview preparation.

Based on a sound assessment of your interests, your personality and your competencies, you will be placed on our jobs database and advised of the opportunities available to you for placement and further study.  

Entry Requirements: Basic English literacy (speak, read and write)
Monday to Fridays 8h30 to 13h00