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Janine Matwan

Janine Matwan completed the Office Basics course in March 2016 while working as a casual at Pick ‘n Pay. Her dedication and commitment to improving herself was evident to FCD staff, making it easy for us to recommend her for placement to Portland Quarry – a job shadow partner and donor. Zain Moosa, Quarry Manager, recognised Janine’s potential and appointed her as a Quarry operator and administrator working in the control room monitoring the quarry operations to ensure that all processes run smoothly, then capturing the data received from all the operators at the end of each shift. Janine says that the Office Basics training equipped her well for the job. Her pc skills competency meant that she was able to learn the new programmes with ease. Zain confirmed that Janine is a fast learner and that he is impressed with the work that she is doing. He says that he will definitely contact FCD for his future staffing needs.