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Industry visits enrich Office Basics training


Ensuring that we are fully preparing our Office Basics learners for the workplace, we make an effort to give them as much practical exposure as possible to complement the pc skills, office practice and call centre training they are receiving. This ranges from handling inbound and outbound campaigns, doing reception and administrative duties at the training centre to doing industry visits.

Office Basics students were treated to a rare opportunity of visiting Vodacoms  Technopark Call Centre in Bellville.

During the visit to the various specialist groups offering 2nd level support at the call centre, we were encouraged by the many testimonies from individuals who have achieved career success after starting their careers as Call Centre agents.

Razeena Hartley shared insights into the Call Centre industry’s growth in South Africa, while Melinda van den Heever  discussed the qualities required to become a successful call centre agent.

Kashief Appolis encouraged our learners with his life story, revealing how he has climbed the corporate (and academic) ladder at Vodacom – from a Call Centre agent way back early in the 2000s to a Knowledge Base specialist today.

We are thankful to all the team leaders who made time to engage and inspire our students. 

Hildegard Goosen shared that she has always been very nervous about handling telephone calls, but seeing the confidence with which the agents were working – and the tools and training that are provided – she feels excited about the prospect of applying to work at a Call Centre.

Lessons in running an office like a well-oiled machine

Visiting Pauline van Zyl at CoreWealth is fast becoming a highlight of the Office Basics programme. For the first time in my life, I hear of people being excited about a filing system!!

After the visit Zintle Salman smiled radiantly as she shared that she is now confident that she can do the job of a receptionist.

Nomzamo Prusent said “When I get at my work place I will know exactly what is expected of me when working at the front desk.”

While industry visits and practical experience are important, the foundational work was done in the classroom, focusing on the emotional, social and spiritual development of the learners.

Thanks to Lu-Ina Jansen van Rensburg’s  life skills session, Alida van der Meschts intesting English at Work sessions, Sanita Bruwers Call Centre skills training, Elsabe Mouton’s Office Practice guidance and the Alpha discipleship sessions hosted by Mike and Craig from Commonground.


A well-rounded programme which has equipped our learners well for the challenge they will face during their Office and Call Centre Job Shadows taking place next week.