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I don’t believe God created us to be poor because He created us in His image

Desmond BarryDesmond Barry is originally from Scottsdene, Kraaifontein where he grew up, finished matric, and started working. He worked in the retail industry for about five years before he got saved.  He felt called to go into full-time ministry 12 years ago. A graduate of Lofdal International School of Ministry with counselling certification from Phillipi Trust, Desmond is a minister of the gospel in Fisantekraal with a great passion for counselling. He says “I have a passion for helping people who are struggling. I want to help them overcome and to help them live victoriously. My passion became my life’s mission.”

About poverty alleviation and upskilling the unemployed, Desmond says “First of all, I don’t believe God created us to be poor because He created us in His image (and that image of God is not poor). Secondly, I believe poverty is a mindset. The Bible declares in the book of Proverbs,”As a man thinks, so is he…

So, as a child of God, made in His image, I believe His Word. And as a minister of God’s Word, I stand for what He stands, which includes helping the poor. Two ways to help the poor is: Upskill the unemployed so that they can break the cycle of unemployment and teach them the Word of God that has the ability to transform their minds. In so doing, you will break the mindset of poverty.

My involvement with FCD started when my wife and I were looking for a course/programme that could help her achieve her dream. We found FCD and decided to go with them because they believe what we believe and that settled it. Through that connection, I built up a relationship with FCD and soon started to do devotions once a month on a Wednesday – something I really enjoy doing.

Another thing, I literally saw the impact FCD made in the lives of students and also in mine. I can honestly say that the staff and the board of FCD are a group of warm, caring and helping people, and I want to be part of such a team. In conclusion: God is in this work, and that’s why I support them.”