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Howard Steyn

Howard Steyn crept into our hearts when MES Bellville sent him to participate in our job readiness course. Howard had been unemployed for several years electing to stay home and care for his dying mother. Sadly after her death, he also lost his home and other family members to a fire in 2015. At this time, he found shelter at MES Bellville, who invested in his life by sending him to achieve his dream of becoming a Carer.

Howard demonstrated his compassionate nature from the outset with his fellow Job Readiness learners and eased his way into the Frail Care training – breaking through the pink curtain of a very female driven workplace. It took some convincing to arrange Howard’s in-house practical training, as few institutions are comfortable with male carers.

Residence Aristea’s staff and residents welcomed Howard with open arms and reported that he treats the elderly with dignity and empathy, and that he is eager to learn and helps wherever he can. They are eager to appoint him onto their staff says Sister Wessels. She confirmed that several of their female residents prefer Howard’s care to that of other carers because of his gentle and respectful approach. His attitude and willingness to step in and do whatever it takes (including volunteering his services so that he can gain additional experience) has opened a door for him at Aristea. He is joining the relief carers employed by Nursing Services in February 2017 which will get him one step closer to his permanent appointment.