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Hospitality Pilot programme – a resounding success

Hospitality and Home Basics

The pilot programme of our Home Management and Hospitality course launched in April this year has been a resounding success.

Well done to trainer, Elizma Saunders, for guiding 12 trainees to competency.

We are grateful that funding from Transformation Aid International enabled us to present this programme and a number of other projects.

During the 7 weeks of the training programme, the trainees were equipped for a career in the hospitality industry working in housekeeping, food preparation and food service.

After working through the theory of each module (like safety in the workplace, kitchen hygiene, correct use of cleaning products, etc), the trainees were given simulation training at our training venue hosted by the Durbanville Presbyterian Church. Visits were made to industry partners were additional simulation training was provided. The Laundry Corporation demonstrated their systems and processes to the trainees

  • Life skills and discipleship: A holistic approach to equipping participants for the workplace through emotional, social, economic and spiritual development; undertaking a journey of self-discovery to build self-esteem, improve relationships and create awareness of rights and responsibilities at home, work and in the community. Job searching, work ethics, workplace rights and responsibilities and finally personal finance form part of the building blocks of the life skills programme.
  • Customer Service: Effective communication with customers, dealing with difficult customers, teamwork, maintaining a positive attitude and telephone etiquette.
  • Safety in the workplace: Basic first aid, the first aid kit, using a fire extinguisher, general maintenance, DB board, changing a globe
  • Cleaning skills: Using a cleaning caddy; Correct use of various cleaning products; cleaning in the kitchen and other areas inside and outside of the house; deep cleaning; windows; planning your work; servicing guest amenities; order taking
  • Laundry skills: Laundering clothing, fragile fabrics and linen. Removing stains. Using detergents. Washing machines tumble dryers and irons. Reading labels.
  • Kitchen skills: Kitchen hygiene, organizing kitchens, replacing black bins, packing the dishwasher, fridge storage, food safety, freezer defrosting, cleaning the oven and microwave using electrical appliances, setting a table, cutting flowers
  • Food preparation skills: food hygiene, cooking and baking terms, measuring ingredients, care of equipment, basic vegetable and fruit preparation, preparing a balanced meal
  • Front of House skills:  Customer service in restaurant , coffee shop or other food establishments, serving customers, taking food and drink orders, explaining menus and keeping tables and dining area clean and set for new diners.
  • Practical work experience: 8 days of supervised practical experience to demonstrate that competency has been achieved in all key areas.

We are so grateful to our partnered establishments for supporting us with the project and for creating learning opportunities for our trainees through the job shadows and internships completed at Evertsdal Guesthouse, Balmoral Lodge, Feathers Lodge Boutique Hotel, Kolping Guest House, Protea Hotel Durbanville and Villa Cortona Retirement Village.