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God’s grace is sufficient


Every 3 weeks, FCD is blessed by the presence of a new group of Job Readiness learners. We are so grateful that so many people are willing to entrust their personal development to us. A humbling responsibility which requires us to constantly seek God’s grace, wisdom and intervention.

Many of the students mentioned how the spiritual sessions reminded them that they must rely on God to take care of them and make things right. Our prayer is that they will continue to practice the values and attitudes acquired and to develop their skills as they seek to take charge of their lives with God’s help.

We are greatly encouraged at the end of each course, as the learners share what impact the course has had on their lives.

Buyelwa Mqungwana… has learned that it becomes much easier to achieve your goals when you have someone supporting you. She has found that supportive person within her own family.

DSC01831Olivia Links… the course offers the students a good introduction to what is expected of them in the retail world. It prepares them emotionally and mentally for challenges that they might have to face in life or within their work environment. She says: “It has taught me to never stop dreaming and helped me boost my self esteem.”

Caronicia Hanekom: Caronicia also feels encouraged to leave her past behind her and open herself up to what her future has to offer.

Carmen Julies…Realized the importance and power of team work. “If you work in a team everyone achieves more. They share the same vision and goals which benefits the business.”

DSC01834Angelique Bresler…Loved the “Friendly people” and that “every day you learn something new even though you thought you knew everything”. She also appreciated that she “could open up to the group (in class) and nobody judged” her. Angelique resolved to “never stop dreaming – you are never too old.” The course made her more confident to set and achieve her goals.

Zodwa Adam: “I have learned how to resolve conflicts between myself and my partner as well as my friends. I have learned to take responsibility for my actions.” I have also learned the importance of a positive attitude and know that I will be a very dedicated employee.

DSC01828Khuthala Sicetsha: FCD is a is a welcoming and motivating place that builds self-esteem. It helps people be successful in life. This course has had a big impact on my life. I now have a much better idea of who I am and where I come from as well as where I am going. It gave me hope that one day I will achieve all my dreams and goals. Khuthala learned how the way we think affects our lives, which is why we must focus on the positive aspects in our lives, not the negative.

Nothemba Ncwasa:    Nothemba now feels motivated to follow her dreams and not lose hope that she will achieve them.

After completion of the course, learners have the opportunity to participate in a work-experience training programme (job-shadow).  Below, Nontandazo Kolizi, Buyelwa Mqungwana and Nonthemba Ncwasa are pictured thoroughly enjoying their experience at Graanendal Pick ‘n Pay.