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Job Placement Network

Effective networking is vital for the continuation of FCD's positive impact in the community.

Job shadow

Do good while working

You can do good while working. Get your company involved in our job shadow programme at no cost whatsoever. We send all our students on a 3-5 job shadow at various institutions and companies in order for them to gain some work experience. No company is too big oor too small to get involved. We welcome job shadow partners in any of the following industries: Retail, Office administration (any company with an office), Frail Care, Hospitality (including B&B’s, laundromats, conference centres, hotels) and Call centres.

We welcome your support in...

  • Facilitating meetings with decision-makers  of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funding

  • Arranging job-shadow opportunities for Office Admin and Customer Service / Retail students
  • Spreading the word about the pool of FCD graduates available for placement

  • Promoting the catering services of our Bake-for-Profit Students.

Courses are designed to equip students with the necessary values, skills and attitudes to find and retain employment. Much emphasis is placed on assisting our students to become self-sufficient in their search for employment and ultimately become employees with a high level of work ethics.

Placements-chasing our 72%



Placing our students (or providing placement opportunities), is a very important part of what we do at FCD. In the past FY we were able to secure employment for 72% of our students. 


One of our strategic priorities is job creation. FCD assists in the placement of its graduates through partnerships established with potential employers. Through our job placement programme we look to place our graduates in the formal employment sector. FCD Graduates available for placement have completed their training, including a life and business skills component in the following courses:

    • Job Readiness which includes Retail Customer Service, Point of Sale and Basic Computers with an introduction to internet and email. Office Basics which includes Call centre, Intermediary MS Office and Office Practice training. Frail Care (Home base care) and Hospitality and Home Basics.
    • Our placement service is absolutely free, We do not charge a placement fee! So please contact us for CV’s.