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Frail Carers making an impact

Frail Carers excelling at Klaradyn Retirement HomeRonel Williams and Honjiswa Ngcwangu have been employed at Klaradyn Retirement village. They recently  enjoyed a moment connecting with Frail Care trainer, Deli Nel as she visited the centre to evaluate current trainees  Shaandien Stephens and Nozizwe Mabaleka doing their job shadows at Klaradyn.

Excellence during practical secured Honjiswa Ngcwangu’s employment at Klaradyn Retirement Home

Throughout the Frail Care training course, Honjiswa proved herself to be an exceptional student with a huge heart for others. She said that at times the theory and tests in English overwhelmed her, but she perservered because  she was eager to become a carer  and be able to help people in her community.

Ronel Williams enjoying a changed life

Ronel WilliamsRonel Williams,  who after the Job Readiness course said “FCD changed my life. It influenced me to be a good person and to always look out for others. I can go out now with knowledge and skills and improve myself”. She did just that by completing the Frail Care course and has now also been employed at Klaradyn. The training process was extremely difficult for Ronel  because she was not used to the discipline of studying and had dropped out of school in Grade 9. She shared with the class that she had spent most of her schooling days living out of a motor vehicle with her parents which led to many other challenges, including rejection from whichever community they tried to spend time in. As we witness God’s intervention in Ronel’s life, we feel humbled, encouraged and blessed for being able to partner with Him in this amazing work of empowering the unemployed.

Bernie-Lee is gearing up to become an ambulance assistant

Since completing her Frail Care certificate in July 2016, Bernie-Lee Daniels has completed her level 2 first aid training and a 6 week course at St John’s Ambulances. She is currently with them to acquire the 1000 practical hours needed in order to qualify as a Basic Ambulance Assistant with St John’s Ambulance. Bernie-Lee says that the Frail Care course prepared her well for this training, as it had covered much of the anatomy and patient procedures that she needed to become familiar with to pass the course.

Michelle Sampson achieves her dream of becoming a carer

Working as a cleaner at Karl Bremmer Hospital instilled a desire in Michelle Sampson’s heart to become a Frail Carer. She joined the training programme with much expectation and more than a little fear as she had not coped very well academically in the past, dropping out of school early in high school. Her perseverance and dedication paid off and she proved her competence to her trainer during practical training while also achieving the required passmark to qualify for her certificate.

Michelle has been contracted by Nurses-On-Call to do relief work at at Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital.