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Frail Carers flying the FCD flag high

2016-08-27 19.58.46Our 3rd group of Frail Care learners for 2016 enjoyed their 6 weeks of theory training with Elbeth Henning, a former matron from a reputable private hospital group.

Elbeth took the learners through a gruelling 6 weeks of training preparing them for the crucial practical component of the course. Each week learners were given an opportunity to practice their skills and finetune various procedures as the class visited various frail care institutions with whom we have a relationship.

A visit to Huis Aristea was done to review some of the procedures like preparing a patient for meals; taking care of a patient with temperature; and Pressure care.

A visit to Green Pastures gave the learners some insight into dealing with patients with Alzheimers and Dementia.

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While visiting Iris House provided an opportunity for our trainees to gain some exposure to working with special needs children. The learners thoroughly enjoyed playing with the children and learning from the management and staff.

After 6 weeks of valuable classroom based training, learners are required to achieve a pass mark of 60% before being assigned to various frail care institutions to participate in a 5 week practical (work-experience training programme).  This group of trainees completed their practicals at Aristea Tehuis. Green Pastures; Klaradyn Retirement Village; Huis Lückhoff; Huis Boland and Huis André van der Walt.

A very special thanks goes to the Sister’s in Charge at Huis Boland, Huis Aristea Tehuis. Green Pastures; Klaradyn Retirement Village; Huis Lückhoff; Huis André van der walt. Their support and encouragement plays a vital role in equipping our learners to succeed in the Frail Caring industry.
Our students had a wonderful opportunity to practice their skills and gain valuable work experience. On completion of their practicals, they sadly say goodbye to the residents that they’ve grown to love, but eagerly look forward to returning to class to finish their final week of evaluations and exams in order to obtain their much sought after FRAIL CARE CERTIFICATE.

We are so proud of the way these students represented us at the various institutions in which they were placed.

On completion of their training, these learners had the following to say:

CaroniciaCaronicia Hanekom         2016/08/29         I learned that you have to prepare yourself mentally, because if you don’t, you will struggle with your theory, because you have a lot to take in and if your mind is not in it you will have a problem.   I did not enjoy having to wake up so early, when it’s dark and cold, but I loved my practical other than that.   The course taught me that I don’t have to take everything personally and that the elderly are not always going to be the same and for that you have to be prepared. I am now more connected to God. He always leads the way and when I am in need He has my back, and I can always count on him. Being at FCD helped me to make new friends and to talk more. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills and am now more prepared on how to take care of frail or disabled people

IMG_20160817_140112Kashiefa Harding, 2016/08/29: I would recommend FCD to my friends, becauseairbrush_20160808142250 2016-08-17-15-31-07you learn about the basic things in life and how to make use of the information in daily life. I found it challenging having to adapt to new people and a new environment. The training prepared me to work well in as a team. On completion of her training programme, Kashiefa was accepted to study nursing at CPUT.

AirBrush_20160808141941-1El Davia Viviers, 2016/08/29: I have learned a lot at this course.   They must give more practical to be sure.             I found all the tests a bit  challenging because I had to study every day.       I am not a morning person so to get up early and travel was a challenge for me. Completing my practical successfully will help to build my CV and has given me valuable experience. It was good to meet new because I never go out to meet new people. I’m going to apply at Northlink College so that I can follow a
medical career.

dsc03260Delmarie Gysman, 2016/08/29   I would definitely recommend FCD to others. I have already recommended it to others and given contact numbers out – especially where I did my practical.   I would like to find employment as soon as possible.20160824_110243

Natasha Janse   2016/08/29: I learned a lot, I met new people, and I gained a lot of experience.  The skills helped me a lot , because when I got to the practical I knew what to do, but I would have like to receive more practical training. I have
became a more positive person.

DSC03382Destiny Albertyn 2016/08/29:  I finished school years ago, so it was a challenge having to study again,  but with God’s grace and mercy I succeeded.  I realise that I am never too old to learn. We were nervous at the first week of the practical, but the practice we did in class helped a lot. As a carer it is important that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. I enjoyed meeting friends and learning how to get along with others.

Lerissa De Klerk 2016/08/29:        I would recommend this course to others, Lerissabecause in this course you learn a lot of new things you did not know about. It was a lot of work and I had to know the work step by step, but it was very interesting.    I learned how to do the procedures in the correct way not making faults and make sure that the patient did not get hurt. I was able to do my practical training with confidence, I believe that what I learned in class I could reveal it in the practical. I’m thankful that God provided me with this wonderful opportunity. I am always thankful to God for loving me so much.   I have learned to be confident and positive in all I do. I would like to find work in an institution, but also not just to stay there, but go further I have to pass this course and work hard to be successful.

DSC03373Metitia Manual 2016/08/29:  The part of the practical that I found most challenging was dealing with a patient who was busy dying. Fortunately, we did deal with this in training. The training helped me a lot with my confidence.

Elnita Daniels  2016/08/29: You can learn so much at FCD and develop so many skills.    I discovered how much attention old people need an20160804_142607
d how they need love, caring, patience and respect . It was sad to see how much attention Alzheimer patients need and how very lonely and frustrated they can become at
times. I discovered that old people can be sweet too and kind. Overall, the training helped me in many ways and I gained much experience and skill. I have also grown much closer to God and I go to church more often now than before.  I am also more open to friends now and I communicate easier now than before. My goal is to be the best frail carer that I can be, which I’ll achieve by  working hard and doing my best.

Congratulations to these Frail Care learners for successfully completing their training. We are very proud to confirm that all 9 learners, who were sent to frail care institutions for their work experience training, have passed.