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Frail Care 2016 Feb to Apr

Frail Care learners enjoyed a week of celebration (amidst their final examinations) as they returned to the centre victoriously on completion of their 5 week work experience practical training.
Trainer Deliane Nel rejoiced as she received positive feedback from the Sisters’ in charge of Residentia Boland, Green Pastures, Aristea and Ravenzicht. This feedback once again confirmed the excellent quality of the training at FCD.
Our sincere congratulations to Felancia, Felicia, Natasha, Chante, Angeline, Anteline, Marian, Jacoline and Barbara for persevering and successfully completing the challenging 12 week course.
We were extremely encouraged by the hard work, dedication and commitment shown by these ladies – who have made every effort to achieve 100% attendance and excellent results in their formative and summative assessments (in the classroom and with their practical procedures).
We give praise to our Lord Jesus for choosing and equipping these special ladies to share His love with the world in such a unique and meaningful way – caring for the frail and infirm. 2 Corinthians 2:14New International Version (NIV) : 14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.DSC02709

On completion of the course, learners had the following to say:
Barbara Marbe, 4/15/2016: It was exciting to learn more about the Human body although it was hard work to learn more and experience more every day. Working with a very sick patient encouraged to keep improving and not to complain as she set such a good example of not complaining to me, even though she was very ill. Sharing my life story was difficult and emotional. Through Life Skills, I learnt to communicate more with people and express my
feelings more; To achieve more in life; and to encourage people to achieve what I achieved in life. I have goals in life and I know how to achieve them.
Chante Langenhoven, 4/10/2016: I’ll recommend this course to others as it equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge on working with the frail. The theory prepared me to expect exactly what to do at practical sessions. The course was hard work. I appreciated learning how to manage conflict in the workplace. I wouldn’t change anything about the course. Discipleship drew me closer and nearer to God. Being at FCD will help me to achieve my goals because they have proven that I am capable to do good when I feel good.


Natasha Ronald, 4/15/2016: Thehardest part of the training was going home and studying what I’ve learned. My practical training was at Residentia Boland. I had some difficulty with the teamwork of the other carers but overall I made it my mission to work hard and apply what I’ve learned in the class. I learned a lot and I don’t think I would have been able to do the practical without the theory. I do think that the life skills and frail care course should be kept separate. The discipleship sessions made me more humble, but I am still the same. Meeting people has made me learn to open up and not be closed off. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve learned to think differently and be more sociable. I would like to get a job and study further as a nurse. The frail care course was a stepping stone and made me realize that nursing is the right path for me.
Marian McDonald 4/15/2016: The Frail Care training was very helpful to me and I think it could help other people as well. I received more than I was expecting. The work experience practical was harder than what I have learned in theory then physically being with the residents and with Alzheimer patients was tough – so was waking up early and always be on time. During Life Skills, I learnt to control myself when I’m in a situation of conflict. That life Skills should be separated from Frail Care classes.
DSC02316Antilene de Kock, 4/15/2016: FCD offered an excellent course and the content was presented by an outstanding tutor. The content wasn’t a problem because it was easy enough for me to understand. I did have a problem with language and pace. The Practical was fun but also challenging. You had to go out and apply what you have learned to great irritation of the permanent staff of the institutions. I learned a lot, things that will be remembered forever and that I will be able to apply at any insti20160304_125458tution. We didn’t practice changing nappies a lot, so I found it difficult. But thanks to the help of Huis Ravenzicht personnel, I can proudly say I’m competent to do it. Being the type of person I am, I struggle with conflict. I tend to talk before I think and it not only infuriates me, but the rest of my classmates (or others). The session on managing conflict was helpful.
Regarding improvements recommended: If you say the course will be in English, please ensure that everybody understands (read, speak & write) English. If given deadlines for assignments to be handed in, keep to the date. The personal questions should be kept personal. Should only be discussed between you and tutor. Life skills should be a whole separate course. I’m Muslim by marriage, but I didn’t have a problem with the spiritual side. I believe everyone needs prayer. I would like to start attending church. I’m more open to other people as before I tended to only be by myself. I’ve met the most incredible people with whom I would never have even talked to. My goal is to work the rest of the year and then further my studies as of from next year. I’ll enroll myself for an ENA course. After completion of that I will study for Staff Nurse and after that I’ll do the bridging course to be a professional nurse. For me this course has been a stepping stone into the right direction.
DSC02644Angeline Bezuidenhout, 4/15/2016 I found the course theory and practical challenging as I was learning a lot of new things. The Life Skills helped me to know more about myself . The discipleship gave me more strength. I have become more confident and more self-aware. My goal is to complete my course and find a job.
Jacoline Albertus 4/15/2016: I feel that the course met my expectations as you gain the necessary skills needed in basic nursing. During orientation the process of the course was explained in full. I was surprised by the amount of hard work and effort needed to be put in. It is quite a challenge and needed me to give it my all. I did not enjoy waking up early in the morning to be oShavingn time. I found the module on death and dying very helpful. I would have liked us to do more role-plays. The discipleship encouraged me to pray more and attend church on a regular basis. I did not grow socially as I was spending more time at the centre and when I got home I was way too tired. There was no time for friends. However, on the positive side, I gained a lot of experience during my time here and I know it will contribute to my goals.
Felancia Cloete: 4/15/2016: My course expectations were met. The standards on how you give the course are very high. The orientation also met expectation. We did everything we were told we would do. The theory was a lot of work. The practical training was a big challenge although I knew what to expect. The Frail Care institution treated us like real workers and I learned a lot there. Getting up early for work was very difficult. I found the interview skills session most helpful because it will help me to be confident in myself when I go to an interview. The Life skills helped me more to get to know my strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend that the Life Skills be done separately as it is disruptive while we are working through the Frail Care theory.. Being at FCD helped me to be more of an open person. I’ve lost most of my friends at home but my family came closer to me. My goal is to start working and go to study next year.DSC02718