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FCD celebrated the successes of some of their star students at the December 2014 certification ceremony.

IMG_0723Just over 100 certificates of competency were issued for courses completed over the past 6 months in Job Readiness, Basic Computers, Office Admin, Introduction to Web Hosting and Bake for Profit.


A few special awards were handed out to students in recognition for their commitment, hard-work and positive attitude.
1891039_582042538568931_7521044299006630436_nBernadine Robinson was awarded the Sunshine Award, being nominated by her classmates and trainer, for her bubbly personality, diligence, commitment and positive influence on her peers. Bernadine completed the 12 week Office Admin course without ever missing a day of class, arriving on time with a smile! Great qualities for a young girl with a heart to join the army.

Zizo on Mr Price trainingZizo Makeleni was awarded Employee of the Year. She was nominated by her Mr Price store manager for her commitment, willingness to assist, positive attitude and great work ethic. Asked what motivates her to go the extra mile, Zizo said that she does it because she just loves people.

Yoli Zhikwali was nominated by FCD staff as the Bake for Profit studentyoliswa of the yearfor her enthusiasm towards FCD, willingness to participate in FCD outreaches and dedication to growing her business. Yoli joined FCD’s Bake for Profit class while working as a caregiver for a Durbanville family. She was thrilled to be given the challenge of meeting a weekly sales target, and gladly went home to sell the produce from her first baking class. Yoli embraced the concepts she
was learning and quickly developed an entrepreneurial spirit, ending the course in October 2014 with weekly sales of roughly R1500 per week. She says that apart from the baking and business ,the life skills sessions also really helped her to make positive changes in her life. “I was very hurt and angry when I started the course and felt a huge weight on my shoulders. With the life skills I’ve learned to be more honest about my feelings and how to express them in a non-threatening way. This has left me feeling a lot calmer and happier and has also resulted in improved relationships with my husband and children.”

Yoli lives in Phillippi, selling her pancakes, donuts and birthday cakes in Philippi and to some regular customers in Durbanville. After completing the Bake for Profit course, Yoli attended the Basic Computer course to equip herself with the ability to create her own pamphlets and advertising material on the computer and the internet. She promotes her business through Facebook and Whatsapp. Even though Yoli is very focussed on growing her own business, her enthusiastic participation in FCD promotions and outreaches has been highly contagious and encouraging.

Elizabeth Makhalinyani, a worthy winner of the Bake for Profit Entrepreneur of the year award, was selling muffins Elizabethand bread outside of FCD when she was encouraged to attend the BfP course. Even though Elizabeth has been running her own little business for many years, she had little knowledge of pricing her products or managing her stock and product range. Her time at FCD helped her to grow her business and improve profitability. While she continues to sell from her regular spot, Elizabeth now employs 2 people to help her sell her products. She is also training up another person to bake. Elizabeth is a passionate and goal-oriented lady, who gives 100% of herself to everything she does. She loves the Lord and presents a weekly Bible Study to a group of 14 ladies. She says that she is able to share so much of herself with others because she has learnt to love herself and to put God first.Nkupane

Nkupane Tswane received the FCD champion of the year award for his positive promotion of FCD. He is a
wonderful ambassador of FCD as he constantly encourages young people in his community to participate in training at FCD, sharing how he himself did not finish high school and how his time at FCD has motivated and equipped him to lead a fulfilling life. Nkupane attended the Basic Computer class 2 years ago and took this knowledge back to Klipheuwel where he taught other young people the basics of using a computer. He then returned to participate in the Bake for Profit class and was working at Shoprite in the hopes of securing a position in their bakery. Nkupane is a dedicated missionary in Klipheuwel.

Nontobeko biscuitsNontobeko Qheya, Student most motivated to succeed, was nominated for persevering against the odds, her commitment and positive attitude. Nontobeko completed the Bake for Profit course successfully despite some personal challenges and difficulty in reading and writing in English.