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Farewell to Bake for Profiteer, Elaine duToit

Bake for Profit trainer, Elaine du Toit, said a sad farewell to her last Bake for Profit class this term.

Bake for Profit participants and graduates from years before came to thank Elaine for the huge impact that she has made on their lives through her training and ongoing mentorship

Elaine has been an active volunteer and Bake for Profit trainer with FCD since 2010. Elaine said that she found it extremely rewarding to see the difference that was made in people’s lives while on the programme. Seeing how the skills learnt create ‘a-ha’ moments as candidates discover their ability to do things – often the little things that we take for granted.

Elaine is passionate about empowering women to become financially independent by earning an income for themselves. Her money matters sessions with her learners will always be remembered with a smile as they dreaded their weekly grilling with Elaine.

Elaine, Anabela Beuke (also an ex Bake for Profit trainer) and Nonka Dube had some fun with the previous graduates, Nkupane Ntswane, Michelle Baadjies and Catherine Johnson.

We are so grateful for the many years and good times we’ve shared with Elaine. 

We will miss you on the staff of FCD, and will hold you to your promise to stay connected and involved as a volunteer.