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Enthusiastic responses to Nov2014 Job Readiness training

Lucille Diedericks: FCD has had a huge impact on my life. I had no vision for my life when I first came to FCD, but now I actually have a dream. When it came to computers I felt very stupid, because I had no knowledge of computers. Today I write this email with a smile on my face, because…hey, look at me, I’m doing it!

I really feel very good about myself. I know I have much to learn, so I am very interested in doing the admin and advanced computer course. I will keep practicing at home.

Porcia Nyaniso: Working as a conference runner at a local guest house, Porcia registered for the Basic Computer class to build on her skill set. She then realised that in order to attend training at FCD, she would need to attend the prerequisite Job Readiness Programme. Porcia decided to use her annual leave in order to attend the training at FCD. She is grateful for making this decision as she says: I learned a lot during these 3 weeks. At work, staff receive awards, but do not have a good understanding of the various criteria, like teamwork. During the training, I came to really understand how important a customer is to the success of a business and how important it is for me to deliver a good service. I’ve also learnt what it means to be a good team player. Importantly, I’ve become proud of who I am. I’ve grown in self confidence and look forward to making progress in my career.