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Englarging our territory

Its been great to be able to extend our core team of trainers. Some of our long term volunteers and trainers were quick to put up their hand to kick off the training at the Fisantekraal library hall recently. Here are some testimonies from them.

Craig Willcocks (Business Skills trainer)

“The facilitation at Fisantekraal has been a Blessing to me to sow into Social Justice and share my experience of the Entrepreneurial Spirit as well as gain insight from the heartfelt sharing of the talented delegates.

Fighting the good-fight in Faith while testifying to the greatness of our God in our lives, stood out for me personally”.




Anita Grove (Life Skills Facilitator)

“It has been such a blessing to be part of the healing Abba Father is doing in the lives of our students. The programme so far gives the opportunity for restoration not only intrapersonal, but also relationships with others. The participation and openness of the group played a huge role in the success”.




Lee Griffin (Life Skills Facilitator)

“Volunteering to facilitate learning at FCD was one of the smartest things I have ever done. This fulfilling and worthwhile experience has been humbling and rewarding and I feel so privileged that I was called to do this work. I really enjoy the dynamic of each group of students is so different and that I learn as much from them and they do from me. Its so rewarding!”