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Creating opportunities

FCD seeks to create opportunities for people to live a meaningful life – firstly by equipping the unemployed with values, skills and attitudes to find meaningful work; then  by creating opportunities for them to gain valuable work experience through job shadows; and finally by connecting them to possible job opportunities with our placement partners.

Job Readiness learners are given exposure to the Retail environment working as floor hands, packers, deli and bakery assistants at Pick ‘n Pay (Graanendal, Soneike, Willowbridge) and Mr Price (through the Jumpstart programme).

Office Basics learners can demonstrate their readiness to enter into the administrative arena on job shadow at – Afrimat, Alwyn Laubscher & Associates, Exceed Accounting, Greenville (EPWP project), Greys recruitment, Jumpstart, Media Village, MES Belville, NG Kerk Durbanville, Noland accounting firm, Pick ‘n Pay (Graanendal, Soneike, Willowbridge) Portland Quarry, Radio Tygerberg, Reeds N1 City, Seed investments, TFG @Home, Tjeka, Vodacom.

Recent feedback from Reeds N1 city about a student on job shadow was “Suzanne fully understands what an Admin Assistant does at Reeds. She participated in uploading documents and asked lots of questions. She was professional and punctual. It was nice having her around to job shadow”.

Bake for Profit learners have the privilege of spending 3 days learning from specialists in the baking industry, participating in job shadows at Bea’s Rusks, Charly’s Bakery, Francor, Love2Bake, Tessa’s Bakery, The Banting Shop, The Cake Emporium, Tutti’s Bakery.

Marissa from The Cake Emporium recently joined our job shadow programme. She said : “I thought this was a wonderful idea for students to see how hectic the life of a home baker can be. I have had three students so far and I still keep in contact with them.”

Frail Care learners are required to gain at least 200 hours of work experience in order to complete their qualification. This requirement is made possible by in-house practicals that are completed at Residences Aristea, Boland, Andre van der Walt, Green Pastures, Klaradyn, Luckhoff and Edelweiss.

The job shadows have provided an excellent pool of candidates from whom are job shadow partners have been able to recruit staff. Not only can the recruiters be assured of quality training, but they have had first-hand experience of working with the candidates and establishing their suitability for their workplace.

Sister Victor from Huis Boland says that their staff team are happy to buy into the job shadow programme and that they appreciate the help of the job shadow students, especially in assisting with the activities that the regular carers cannot attend to.

Placement partnerships are critical to the effectiveness of this community initiative as without work opportunities, our learners are unable to become economically active and grow in experience in skill.

We encourage business in our area to communicate their recruitment needs to us. We’d love to connect you with suitably qualified learners on our database for a small placement fee of R250.