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Community experiences humility and hope volunteering at FCD

What makes volunteering at FCD so special is that the impact is felt by volunteers and students alike. In fact all people interacting with us experience various levels of personal growth, fulfilment and blessing.

Some of our volunteers recently shared some thoughts about their involvement with FCD.

Sabrina Hiscock, Psychology Intern facilitating Life Skills:

“I have a love for helping others, assisting their development and encouraging their growth. I am a psychology student. Volunteering at FCD provides me with the opportunity to apply, develop and evolve my skills as a counselor. FCD has provided me with the opportunity to apply my previous work experience and knowledge as well as my knowledge of psychology to enable, encourage and work with other students who are seeking assistance in that area.

Working with individuals who are so ready to grow and develop; hearing their stories and seeing their growth is so motivational for me to keep doing what I can to help others in all aspects of life.”

Amanri Odendaal, Psychology Intern facilitating Life Skills sessions 

Volunteering at Fisantekraal has provided me with a new sense of Hope for the future. To experience the good work this organisation has done for their community, as well as seeing how students transform, has changed my sense of hope as well as faith. I am truly honored to be apart of FCD.

Elbeth Henning is surrounded by deeply appreciative learnersElbeth Henning, Frail Care trainer

I am surrounded by deeply appreciative learners. The spiritual environment allows one to do constant introspection about one’s own spiritual well-being.

There are many small moments but the sense of unity and mutual respect amongst the learners makes me feel humble. We can complain about mundane things and yet they overcome daily obstacles.

 Mike Moerdijk, facilitating spiritual development though the Alpha programme

Amazed at the work the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of the students participating in these sessions, Mike says that he has been overwhelmed by the sense of God’s presence and peace – especially during the Holy Spirit days.

Deanne Vorster, facilitating Customer Service and Life Skills

I believe that the work done at FCD has the possibility of really touching, enriching and improving the lives of every student that passes through there. It gives students the chance to be heard and to learn how to better live and cope with their circumstances while at the same time giving them skills and tools with which they have a better chance of finding a job.

I haven’t been a volunteer for all that long, but I find it amazing to see how the students open up with encouragement. The stories I have been able to tell about former students have been really inspiring.

Alistair Heuwel, encouraging accountability

Alistair HeuwelIt is something I look forward to every month. An opportunity to meet new young people eager to learn at the start of their careers. A chance to share my experiences and hopefully to make a difference in their lives.  To lead SA.

I always bring treats to share with the group and it is always interesting to see how these young adults respond to it. For the first time this month I included a scripture in my session on Workplace Ethics. Ephesians 6:5. It was encouraging to see the group hastily noting the reference and some even had their Bibles with them.