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Celebrating life

DSC01149February 2015 Job Readiness learners were in agreement that their time at FCD made a meaningful difference in their lives and that they had all grown in self-confidence. Many students found that the Dreams & Goals sessions really helped them to think about and plan for their future success.

Samone Lombard : I have learned that the Lord is loving and what He can do. I’ve also discovered that I’m a friendly, fun and spontaneous person. The Life Skills helped me to know what I want to do with my life and what my rights are.

Kaylin Afrikaner : Discipleship helped me to love myself more knowing that I’m perfect in God’s sight. I’ve become more confident in speaking in front of others and discovered that I fit in easily. I also realised that many other people are much worse off than I am.

Zandeley Visagie : I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things may seem in life, God always has a solution.

Zizipho Nqoko, Wallacedene: I was a little overwhelmed when I arrived and found that there were so many coloureds in class. Luckily I soon found out that coloured are okay; that I could enjoy being with them. I learnt many things at FCD like who I really am. This helped me to better understand myself and build my self-esteem. I also learned about teamwork and found that I can work well with people.

Tameron Kok, Klipheuwel: I’ve come to understand a lot more about God and about myself. I’ve learned that I can do anything with God’s help. I’ve become much more positive, spiritual and talkative.