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Celebrating a season of success

As we come to the end of 2015, we take time out to reflect on the year, giving thanks to our Lord Jesus Kaylin Afrikanerfor sustaining us and celebrating the miracles that He has performed in and through us over the year.

Students and their families joined the staff, volunteers, donors and partners for a special graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 2 December 2015, to celebrate the successful completion of their training courses. We issued 126 certificates for the period of July to November 2015.

Kaylin Afrikaner, Office Basics graduate, opened the ceremony with a song of praise after Centre Director, Jane Gelderman, welcomed the group of more than 170 visitors.



The level of interest in the event was particularly encouraging for the staff. We trust that the event provided meaningful insight into the ethos of the organisation and the impact that the work is having on our beneficiaries.

IMG_9488We ran 6 Job Readiness classes of 3 weeks each between July to November and were pleased to issue 71 Job Readiness certificates to students who successfully completed this 3 week course, geared at equipping individuals to enter the workplace. The course includes Pre-employment life skills to develop self-esteem, improving relationships and the skills needed to find employment; Customer Service training; Point of Sale (cashier) training; an introduction to the world of computers, the internet and email – with a focus on job searching, preparation of CV’s and email-based job applications; and an opportunity to participate in a 3 to 6 day work experience training programme (job shadow).

On completion of the course, students nominate a member of the class for the Sunshine Award. This person is someone who has made a positive contribution to the class through active participation and positive attitude throughout the duration of the course.

WiIMG_9494nners of the Job Readiness Sunshine Awards – as nominated by the peers in their classes were
June/July class : Sinawo Mvumvu
July class : Clara Makiwa
Aug class : Elvira Hugo
Sep class : Cameron Roodeman – also most motivated JRP learner to succeed, despite his speech impediment (stutter), he always contributed to the discussions in class – often being the first to volunteer ideas
Oct class : Joanne Januarie
Nov class : Felancia Cloete

Some learner feedback on completion of the Job Readiness course included

Selestine Kok : “There is so much I have learned here this past three weeks and I would like some of my relatives to do the same. I finally found myself and I know how to communicate even when I am emotional”.

Felancia Cloete: “It covers all the basic things we need to know in our lives. For example Life skills, its important to know who you are and here at FCD we learn that plus more, like basic computers, how to right a CV and learn about interviews.

37 learners successfully completed the Office Basics course which included office practice, MS Office and IMG_9516Call Centre skills, (12 of these learners completed the course before the call centre training was included)

IMG_9522Winners of the Office Basics Sunshine Awards were:
July class: Zainab Mustapha
Sep class: Yanga
Nov class : Olivia Links
Nonka Dube, from the September Office Basics class, received the Most motivated to succeed award. She worked as a waitress every evening throughout the course, while displaying a positive attitude and active contribution in class. Her dedication to her work and excellence in executing her assignments confirms her nomination of this award.

Asked whether they would recommend the training to their friends, Office Basics learners said:

Renthia Booysen: “I would recommend the Office Basics course to others, because we not only gain the skills, you do get spiritual upliftment as well.”

Charlene Lubbe: “Because you learn a lot for the amount paid. It also builds your confidence and the FCD family is a real inspiration.”

Elvira Hugo:  “Good practice run for workplace experience.”

IMG_9540Our first group of Frail Care learners received their certificates after completing 12 weeks of rigorous training.  The 12 week course included an intensive 6 week programme covering all aspects of home based or retirement home care; a 5 week Practical Assignment at a frail care institution to demonstrate ability to implement the knowledge acquired (reinforced by the completion of a thorough Portfolio of all procedures and practicals completed and assessed); and a  final written examination and oral presentation.

Charmaine Saayers received the Frail Care Most Motivated to Succeed Award. Throughout the training, Charmaine demonstrated dedication, achieving excellent results, thus motivating her peers to strive to the best; she also encouraged and offered help and support to  her peers throughout the training

We are extremely proud of the learners who persevered and successfully completed this programme. Feedback from the practical institutions has been extremely positive, indicating that the quality of the training is at a particularly good standard.

Some learner feedback on completion of the Frail Care course included

Claudette DuPlessis: “It was advanced training. We learned a lot. It prepared us well for our practicals.”

Charmaine Saaiers: “When I did my practical, I was well enough prepared to recognise when other carers were not implementing procedures correctly… The training has inspired me to study further to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse”. 

IMG_959914 students successfully completed our Bake for Profit course, a 9 week course equipping learners to start their own baking business in order to earn an income from home. The course includes weekly sessions covering Baking business skills (theory) covering: Starting your baking business,  Money sums, Banking, Costing, Pricing, Business planning and Managing cash flow; Baking practicals where learners are given the opportunity to produce products under the supervision of our trainer. On completion of each practical, learners are encouraged  to sell their products in order to build up their newly started businesses. The final week of the course includes  a 3 day job-shadow / work experience training experience at a local bakery.

The winners of the Bake for Profit Most Motivated to Succeed Awards were:

IMG_9564July class : Elise Hayes who actively pursued achieving her targets and made steady progress increasing her weekly sales during the training – reaching sales in excess of R900 per week towards the end of the course.

Sep class : Tellmore Nyahoda: sacrificed 2 days per week from her char job so that she could attend the training. She worked hard to reach her weekly targets and impressed with her commitment to completing her weekly assignments.

IMG_9558Nov class : Yvette Apollis: travelled to Durbanville from Ashton weekly to attend the training. She achieved her target (of R2000pw) weekly, even though she spent so much time away from home.

The winner of the Bake for Profit Entrepreneur of the Year Award was Magdalena Strys.

Magdalena received this award for her commitment to growing her baking business. She completed the Bake for Profit course in March 2015.

IMG_9559During her training she proved to be a reliable, hard-working, motivated and faith filled woman. She consistently met the sales targets set for herself during her course, introducing the concept of selling combo specials  to achieve this. Her sales are increasing monthly even though her days are filled with the grandchildren that she is looking after.

On completion of the Bake for Profit course, learners stated:

Yvette Apollis: I now know so much more about running a baking business. There are many unemployed people in Ashton. I hope to share my knowledge with them to empower them to provide for themselves too.”

Ntombomsi Limba: “I was nervous at first, but the other trainees made me feel welcome and at home. I was glad to find out that I could apply the business skills to my clothing sales business as well.”

Offering ongoing support to all our learners on their journey from unemployment to leading a meaningful life is a vital part of the service we offer. We follow-up with our learners for at least 12 months after completion of the training, checking on their employment status and submitting their CV’s of unemployed graduates to interested placement partners.

IMG_9587One such learner, Charlton Isacks, from the January 2015 Office Admin class, shared his testimony at the end of the celebration. Frustrated at not finding an office position, Charlton’s name was put forward to TFG by us for a store renovation project. This project opened a wonderful door to Charlton, as his potential was immediately recognised at TFG which led to a permanent employment offer from the company within weeks. Charlton, who does volunteer work with the youth in Fisantekraal, also thanked FCD for the contribution it is making in the Fisantekraal community by encouraging young people to become productive and get off the streets.



On closing of the Awards Celebration, Jane Gelderman thanked the volunteers for their involvement in our organisation, reminding them that we could never do the work we do without the many volunteers who assist us on a daily basis – from training to admin to IT, discipleship, counselling and providing sandwiches for students – demonstrating that this truly is a community project.


A special word of thanks also went out to those who contributed to making the Awards Celebration such a special eventIMG_9592

  • BERGSIG CHURCH for always allowing us so generously to use this facility and all that goes with it!
  • Bake for Profit trainers and 2 students for doing ALL the catering for us. Thank you that you do it with so much joy and passion and Durbanville NG for the use of their kitchen for this purpose.
  • Volunteer, Lindie Bergh for taking the photographs
  • Pick ‘n Pay Graanendal for contributing towards the award hampers
  • Nicoletta’s for the baking accessories donated towards the Bakers’ hampers
  • Snowflake , Premier Foods for the flour that each B4P student receives
  • The staff and board members and volunteers who all assisted to make this a special day
  • Pastors Grant Hopkins and Desmond Barry