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FCD’s dream is to make a positive contribution towards the huge unemployment and poverty situation in Fisantekraal – which impacts negatively on the greater Durbanville.
FCD, as part of the LtE association, hopes to approach the challenge on “a hand up – not a hand out” basis.
FCD hopes to mobilise the greater Durbanville – i.e. churches, congregations, businesses, individuals and like-minded organisations – to co-operate in and support this community project.
Finally FCD hopes to make a positive contribution towards building a better South Africa.
How can you help?

Student Involvement

A Passion for People

Volunteers make a significant contribution to the work of FCD. The contribution of volunteers from all walks of life ensure a diverse and valuable impact in the lives of FCD’s beneficiaries.

Your passion for ministering to the needs of the less fortunate can be explored through

  • facilitation of life skills modules from Relationships, Communicaton, Conflict Resolution through to CV preparation, Interview Skills, Labour Legislation and Active Citizenship
  • facilitation of pc training (MS Office)
  • facilitation of craft skills training



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The Power of a Praying Community

Everything that happens at FCD is fully steeped in prayer. We know that all things are possible with God and look to him for guidance and direction daily as we seek to touch the lives of the students entering our doors with His grace. Learners are spiritually developed through weekly sessions from local pastors and receive discipleship from the trainers.

We invite you to join us in prayer for

  • operations
    • wisdom and successful implementation of vision and objectives
    • for meaningful relationships between management, staff and students
    • that requests for funding will be met with favourable responses to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the organisation
  • current and past learners
    • that the unemployed will recognise the value of the participating in training
    • that they may grow emotionally, spiritually (coming to an understanding of Christ as Saviour) and economically, developping the skills they require to become and remain economically active
    • that they may perservere despite the hardships they face
    • for job oportunities which they would embrace
  • building in Fisantekraal
    • for the expedient completion and approval of building plans
    • for the funds to commence building in 2015



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