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Before, I had no ‘money-confidence’, but now I know how to work well with money.

One of the graduates from the Bake for Profit course, Wilhelmien Schwarz from Eersterivier, is running small a img_3015business from home. “I bake flans, tarts and confectionary which I sell to the community, friends and family. My little business is doing well and I am very happy.”
According to Wilhelmien she was a housewife but had always had a love for baking. So when she saw the course advertised in Die Son, she decided that this was the way in which she could turn her passion to profit. “They taught us everything about how to run a baking business – from beginning to end. I also learnt how important perseverance is and how to work well with money. Before, I had no ‘money-confidence’, but now I know how to work well with money.” She still has contact with some of her classmates and according to her all the students in her class are now either in full-time employment, or are working from home.”
“I am always recommending FCD and the courses they run. Persevering to complete the course has changed my life!”