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Baking, earning and loving it

5 competent new baking entrepreneurs were introduced to the Durbanville area through our Bake for Profit course during the 2nd term of 2015. We were thrilled to bring Anabela Beuke on board as a Bake for Profit Trainer as Elaine du Toit needed to take some time out to have a long overdue knee replacement operation. B4P may class

The learners thoroughly enjoyed the baking practicals, while benefitting greatly from the business skills training, achieving weekly sales targets ranging from R350 to R950. Elize Hayes, our “Sunshine Award Star” of the 2nd term, consistently achieved sales in excess of R900 per week during the the last half of the course.

Rhoda van Schalkwyk, specialist in adult literacy and numeracy training, agreed to offer additional assistance to help certain learners come to term with the difficult concepts of converting kilograms to litres; working out how to cost their products and other mathematically challenging issues.

BfP Jul mentor 1

The course with concluded with the current learners presenting their business plans and job shadow feedback to FCD’s staff and part learners.

Katy Abrahams, Khanyisiwe Mlungwana and Adelaine Minaar reported back on their time spent at Francor Bakery. They were impressed by the sheer volume of products produced and the efficiency of the individuals multi-tasking to get a job done.

Luleka Setloboko had the opportunity of participating in a job shadow at Pick ‘n Pay Graanendal’s bakery – providing her insight into the discipline and hardwork required in this industry.Elize with VCC crew

Elize Hayes was granted the special treat (as top student of the class) of participating in a job shadow at the Velvet Cake Company.

Valencia January, Deon Louw and Basil Collins from the City of Cape Town’s Dept of Economic Development, joined the mentorship session to address current and past learners on informal trading regulations.BfP city visit 2

Elaine du Toit & Anabela Beuke demonstrated alternative cake decorating ideas to current and past learners during a mentorship day held after the business plan presentations. Time was also spent reviewing the costing process.BfP Jul mentorship


The following feedback was received from the learners as they completed their course:

Elize at VCCElizabeth Hayes, 9/7/2015: I would recommend FCD because it changed my life and it can change others’ lives too. It showed me the importance of being positive about life. This course helped me to be somebody who can make a business and taught me that I can achieve my goals. In life skills, I learned how important it is to make the right decisions and to be open about discussions.
The Baking Business skills taught me how to do my calculations and now I know how to price my products. It help me to start my business and I am so glad that I got this opportunity because I can be my own boss now and at the same time I will be an employer for someone out there.
The discipleship greatly improved my relationship with God. I learned that no matter how many flaws I have God still loves me for me.
My short term goal is to earn R 500 per week because I still have a child at school. F.C.D helped me a lot because of the encouragement they gave me to bake and sell my stuff because that part was the difficult part. They taught me how to persevere and to have patience while staying focused, positive and hardworking,
FullSizeRender 8Adelaide Minnaar, 9/7/2015: I would recommend FCD because I’d also like other people to learn how to have their own business. There is a lot to learn and you gain a lot of experience and skills. Today I know that in life you must have a goal. You must have a direction and you must try to meet your goals. I learned a lot about baking. The baking practical classes taught me how to bake products that I never knew about.
Discipleship taught me how to live near God, to trust in God and believe. I now pray every morning and I read my Bible on a daily basis and have returned to church.
My short term goal is to earn a salary for myself and my family. I am unemployed and I must provide for myself and family. I will look at my notes and if I do have questions I will phone my trainers and ask for advice.
Khanyi Elize and Adelaide with cakesKhanyisiwe Mlungwana, 9/7/2015: First of all in FCD I learn new things like how to deal with people with different attitudes, and skills that I didn’t have, like Computer skills, Baking etc. It changed my life a lot and I’ve learned how to communicate with people with positive attitude and being professional as a person. As a person I never knew that I have a talent. First of all I did not know that I can sell product and I try all my best and everything was perfect and I learn a lot from Bake for profit course. I can bake and I believe in myself.
I want my business to grow and also I want to go back to study. I can achieve everything because I always have confidence with what I am doing. I now can do everything that I want because of FCD staff members.
FullSizeRender 12.Luleka Setloboko, 9/7/2015: I learn many things at FCD. Now I know how to solve a problem and how to communicate with people. Life skills changed me because I can communicate with people and I also respect their values. I didn’t believe in myself that I can communicate with people, but now I learn how to communicate.
I did not know how to run a business but now I run my own business. The Baking practicals helped me a lot because now I know how to bake everything. The discipleship greatly improved my relationship with God. I learned that if God is with me I will go anywhere I want to go as He is the way. I’ve started attending church services for the first time. My short term goal is to earn money and support my family because I am not working.
Katy and Henrita with cakesKaty Abrahams, 9/7/2015 : I will recommend FCD, because it’s good to do the training. I learned plenty. This is good if you starting your own business. It help me to make the right decisions. I enjoyed the session on relationship and how to communicate the right way
The business skills taught me to manage my business and to do my costing and calculations. In baking practicals I learned about baking different kinds of products.