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    Start your own baking business to earn an income.
    Duration: 9 weeks
    Course fee: R 300

Community experiences humility and hope volunteering at FCD

What makes volunteering at FCD so special is that the impact is felt by volunteers and students alike. In fact all people interacting with us experience various levels of personal growth, fulfilment and blessing.
Some of our volunteers recently shared some thoughts about their involvement with FCD.

Sabrina Hiscock, Psychology Intern facilitating Life Skills:
“I have a love for helping others, assisting their development and encouraging their growth. I am a psychology student. Volunteering at FCD provides me with the opportunity to apply, develop and evolve my skills as a counselor. FCD has provided me with the opportunity to apply my previous work experience and knowledge as well as my knowledge of psychology to enable, encourage and work with other students who are seeking assistance in that area.
Working with individuals who are so ready to grow and develop; …


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